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Wayne Sonter is an Australia based activist. He is the secretary of the Western Sydney branch of the Communist Party of Australia and former secretary of the Sydney District Committee. He has attended a number of Congresses and has been an activist in the union movement, around the shorter working week and a number of solidarity movements.

“As a branch secretary, I see there is a lot of work to do to grow our branch, extend its profile and connect to what is a more general upsurge among the masses outside the Party, that we need to connect to if we are to ‘Take the Party to the People.’ ”[1]

Sydney comrades

Young Communists - Western Sydney November 6, 2017 ·


With Wayne Sonter, Dayle Brennan and Hayden Walters at Maritime Union of Australia - MUA.

Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution

Vinnie Molina October 21, 2017 ·


Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution in Sydney NSW. With Daniel Gasparri charge d'affaires Bolivarian republic of Venezuela. Communist Party of Australia, CPA. — with David Matters, Warren Smith, Daniel Gasparri, Wayne Sonter, Elizabeth Hulm, Bob Briton and Anna Pha.

Western Sydney comrades


Hayden Walters with Wayne Sonter