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Wayne Ruscoe was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland. Consultant at Fairwork NZ. Business Owner at eMow NZ Ltd Christchurch.


  • Studies at Massey University
  • Studied at University of Waikato
  • Went to Wanganui High School


Street and SUP - (un) healthy association

Maryan Street, far right with SUP supporter Paul Blair (left), SUP members Wayne Ruscoe (next left), Joe Tonner (center front), Bill Andersen (next right, rear), Doug McCallum (second to right, front)

In 1989, the People's Voice, the newspaper of the Communist Party of New Zealand, an article was featured in which it was noted that Street was a Health Effectiveness Studies Coordinator, working alongside Socialist Unity Party member Simon Wallace. As part of this article, there was a photograph of her in the company of SUP members.[1]



  1. People's Voice October 16, 1989