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Vincent Gregory

Vincent Gregory (born July 20, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan) served as a Democratic Representative representing the 35th District of Michigan from 2009 to Jan. 1, 2011. On Jan. 1, 2011 he became a State Senator, representing the 14th District of Michigan.

Early Life

Vincent Gregory is the second oldest son of Laurence Gregory and Dorothy Gregory. Gregory Graduated from Dundee High School and then attended Madonna College. His college education was interrupted when he was drafted into the United States Marine Corps in April of 1968. Vince was assigned to Vietnam in November of the same year and returned home in November of 1969. He was honorably discharged in 1970.[1]

Career & Union Work

In 1973, Vince joined the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, where he attained the rank of Corporal and then Detective. After ten years with the Department, Vince ran for and was elected as Vice President of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Local 502 SEIU, AFL-CIO. In 1993, he ran for President of the local and won that election, where he served as their President for the next seven years. In January 2003, Vince retired from Wayne County service.[1]

DSA endorsement

According to Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America July 2010 newsletter "at our last general membership and executive board meetings, DSA members voted to endorse three candidates for state senate. They are: Vincent Gregory (District 14—Southfield-Farmington Hills), Paul Gieleghem (District 10-Clinton Township-Roseville), and Isaac Robinson (District 3-Detroit-Dearborn).[2]

All three share our politics and will make superb state senators.
Vincent Gregory is presently the state representative from Southfield. He is a former police officer who served as president of the Service Employees International Union local representing the officers in the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. He has been a strong supporter of public education and universal health care.
On June 19th, DSA members David Ivers, Catherine Hoffman, Lon Herman, Dick Olson, and David Green canvassed in Farmington Hills on behalf of Vince Gregory.

DSA fundraiser

On Friday, July 9th 2010 a DSA Fundraiser for State Senate Candidates Vincent Gregory, Paul Gieleghem, and Isaac Robinson was held at the home of David Green and Teena Green in Farmington Hills) from 6-8 PM.[3]

DSA support

Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America was largely successful in its summer electoral 2010 work. "We endorsed three state senate candidates in the August 3rd primary: State Representative Vincent Gregory (District 14-Southfield/Farmington Hills), Macomb County Board of Commissioners Chairman Paul Gieleghem (District 10-Clinton Township/Roseville), and Isaac Robinson (District 3-Detroit/Dearborn). Our strategy was to intervene in primaries where, due to low voter turnout, the disciplined efforts of a small organization can have a disproportionate effect. We chose the state senate because 26 of the 37 races were for open seats. Due to term limits, there were very few incumbents seeking re-election. Since the Republicans presently hold the state senate by a one seat majority, there is a significant opportunity for the Democrats to recapture the state senate. Finally, with redistricting scheduled to take place in 2011 based on the 2010 Census, control of the state senate could have an enduring impact on the results of federal elections in Michigan."

Detroit DSA held a fundraising house party for the endorsed candidates on July 9th. 35 donors contributed over $6800 to the candidates. "This fundraiser occurred at a critical time when the candidates needed the money to cover the costs of mailings to absentee voters."

DSA volunteers canvassed twice for each of the candidates during the months of June and July. "We knocked on doors, distributed campaign literature, stuffed envelopes, and put up lawn signs for the candidates."

Two out of three of the endorsed candidates won their respective primaries. Vincent Gregory won his race comfortably, "though the result was closer than anyone had expected". Paul Gieleghem defeated a better known opponent by only 200 votes. DSA support was critical in this victory. Isaac Robinson came in second in a three person race—losing by only 848 votes.[4]

DSA will continue its electoral work this fall as we canvass and phone bank for Paul Gieleghem. He will need our support in what is expected to be a tough general election. continued

Michigan Legislative Black Caucus

Vincent Gregory served as chairperson of the 2011-2012 Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. The Caucus is "committed to ensuring that all citizens of our state have equal opportunities," and includes members of both the state Senate and the state House of Representatives.[5]


The following endorsed Gregory in his 2010 run for State Representative for the 35th District of Michigan:[6]


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