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Valdez Bravo

Mark Gamba supporters

Annie Naranjo-Rivera September 15 ·


With Valdez Bravo, Graham Parks, Marie Lo, Mark Gamba, Kendra Garinger, Peter Toll, Kate Flanagan, Lisa Wolf, GM Garcia, Robyn Gottlieb, Cheryl Fisher, Ami Fox, David Healy, Theresa Kohlhoff, Jacob Van Buskirk and Carolanne Fry.

Organizing progressive Democrats for the 2020 elections

Organizing progressive Democrats for the 2020 elections, including Oregon for Bernie and delegates to the Democratic National Convention.


Join progressive Democrats from across Oregon for the 2020 Election Kickoff Event.

Meet the candidates who will help change Congress - Shahid Buttar and Jose Caballero from California, Peter Khalil from Washington, and Doyle Canning, Albert Lee and Mark Gamba from Oregon!

GM Garcia will address Democratic Party outreach to underrepresented Oregonians and Valdez Bravo will speak to getting involved in the Democratic Party.

Attendees will learn about the complex process for being elected to represent Oregon at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Learn how to get involved with the campaigns of progressive Democrats including Bernie Sanders.[1]