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Val Morse

Valerie (Val) Morse is a New Zealand anarchist.

Valerie Morse is a Wellington based peace activist, American dissident and anarchist. She is a member of Peace Action Wellington and works to mobilise resistance to the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as on wider issues relating to New Zealand's militarisation and weapons production.


Val Morse was born in Auckland, but lived for many years in USA.

Comment by K.G. Morse, on 4-MAY-2007.

Valerie Morse was born in New Zealand. I know that because I am her brother, and was there when it happened. Frankly, Kiwis coming to burn the American flag on US soil, while unlikely to happen, wouldn't really irk me (a U.S. citizen) that much. A flad is just a symbol, and when the country it stands for no longer embodies its "founding principals," what good is it? I lived in New Zealand until I was 5, and have been back to visit a couple times. I love the country, I love the people. Unfortunately, the U.S., just like NZ, has fallen victim to corporate greed and warmongering in the name of profit. Valerie's message, however it is delivered, is one of peace, hence the name "Peace Action Wellington." Don't be brainwashed by the government-controlled media. Listen to her words and decide for yourself. Citizens of the US have already suffered this fate, and it will destroy this country before long, "superpower" status notwithstanding.

Archives NZ

2001 Archives New Zealand curator Val Morse, and nurse curators Clare Ashton and Dr Pamela Wood have chosen material to outline the course that nurse regulation has taken through the century since the first Nurses Registration Act was passed.

Masters degree

In 2003, for a Masters thesis on “Nuclear Insecurity:The Future of NZ/USA Relations And The Promotion Of Nuclear-free Policies Val Morse was granted: $7,500.

Anti Iraq War

In March 2003 Morse spoke at a Victoria University IGM against the Iraq war. She said US, British and Australian interests should be targeted.[1]

Green Party

2003 - Morse, was a member of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, Wellington.

The same year she was involved in Anti GE protests in Wellington.

Anti WTO conference

In 2003, a mini-conference on alternatives to the World Trade Organisation began the Week of Action in Wellington, New Zealand, against the WTO and its free trade policies. The international Week of Action coincided with the WTO Ministerial Conference held in Cancun, Mexico from 10-14 September.

10:00AM WTO and South America including Valerie Morse, Prue Hyman (ARENA), Paul Bruce (Latin America Committee)

Anti War

Cenotaph march

In 2004, a rally at Civic Square then march to Cenotaph - all people and groups are invited to bring their messages of support for the people of Iraq and victims of the so-called 'War on Terrorism' everywhere; starts at 12 noon in Civic Square. Part of the Global Day of Action Against War and Occupation; organized by Peace Action Wellington, for "more info contact Valerie Morse.."

Protesting weapons conference

Tuesday, 12 September 2006, Press Release: Peace Action Wellington

The campaign against the weapons conference stepped up another notch yesterday. Weapons companies based in New Zealand and their supporters, were bombarded with phone calls, faxes and emails, demanding that they abort plans to hold a weapons conference at Te Papa in October, and end weapons production in Aotearoa, including the Government’s financial support to weapons companies. The targets of the action were not only Te Papa, but Trade and Enterprise NZ, the government agency responsible for funding weapons research and development and MAS Zengrange, a Lower Hutt based company that makes computer systems to control mortar and artillery fire.
“People from throughout New Zealand have let weapons companies, and those providing them with a platform to do their dirty work, directly know what they think of a weapons conference being held at Te Papa in October,” said Valerie Morse, spokesperson for the broad coalition of groups campaigning to stop the weapons conference.

Charges dropped

In 2008 resulting charges were dropped against protesting clowns. According to NZPA, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, The charges against a group of costumed protesters, which were withdrawn in court today, have been labelled a waste of time and money by one of those charged.

Seven protesters faced charges of intimidation after they dressed up as clowns and protested outside the Wellington home of Neal Garnett, organiser of a weapons conference, in October 2006.

All charges against them were dropped in Wellington District Court today.

Among the group was peace activist Val Morse, who said the affair seemed to have been a huge waste of time.

Morse said the event was just a "playful protest", with the clowns lying on the ground and dancing about.

Defence lawyer Michael Bott echoed Morse's feelings about a misuse of resources, criticising the police for delays in the case. "My clients were dressed up like clowns, but the other side were acting like clowns."

Mr Bott said he believed an initial bail condition of non-association with other protesters was an attempt to prevent the group from protesting at the weapons conference at Te Papa. The condition was quashed by the High Court.

Mr Bott said the case had been dragged out at huge expense and using hours of lawyers' preparation time only to be dropped at "the 11th hour".

The defence intended to apply for costs, and Judge Thomas Broadmore ordered a police response to a cost application by April 4.

Alongside Morse at court today were fellow protesters Kelly Buchanan, David Cooper, Sebastian Henschel, Jesse Hinchey, Hannah Newport-Watson and Urs Signer . They all belonged to Peace Action Wellington.

Morse said the withdrawal of the charges was a tremendous relief, and that she was pleased the case had highlighted the movement against the use of weapons in wars around the world.

Opposing troops to Tonga

Peace Action Wellington, 20 November 2006 press release.

Peace Action Wellington opposes the deployment of the New Zealand military and police to Tonga and will protest outside the New Zealand Defence Headquarters in Stout Street, Wellington, today (Monday, 20th November) from 12:30pm. Italic text
"These troops are serving the interests of the feudal class in Tonga, while crushing people's desire for change."
"We stand in solidarity with the people's resistance in Tonga and support them in their struggle for self determination," said Valerie Morse.

""The Labour Government has supported recent occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, and are again eagerly sending soldiers and police into the Pacific Islands," said Valerie Morse, a member of Peace Action Wellington.

Flag burning

Valerie Morse, Peace Action Wellington, who was arrested at the dawn parade after attempting to burn the New Zealand flag issued a press release, Thursday, 26 April 2007.

ANZAC Day Protest - Lest we forget: already forgotten

Members of Peace Action Wellington (PAW) demonstrated at the Wellington ANZAC Day dawn service this morning, displaying banners that said "Lest We Forget: Already Forgotten – Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste" and "Conscientious Objectors: the real war heroes."
"ANZAC Day has ceased to be a day where we commit to 'never again', and has instead become nothing less than a celebration of the New Zealand military and the glorification of war," said Valerie Morse, Peace Action Wellington member.
"Lest we forget that the New Zealand military is currently engaged in combat in Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste. Lest we forget that the New Zealand military is currently deployed in 18 different missions around the world."
"Lest we forget that the military has, and always will, exist for the sole purpose of waging war," said Valerie Morse.
This morning's demonstration also marks the launch of Peace Action Wellington's 'NZ Troops Out Now' campaign. For further information about the campaign, go to
"Peace Action Wellington demands the immediate withdrawal of all New Zealand troops and the cessation of all military training and joint exercises with other armies," concluded Valerie Morse.

"Against Freedom"

Againstfreedom 210px wide.jpg

Author: Valerie Morse - Publisher: Rebel Press. Release Date: June 2007.

In 2001, the United States launched the 'war on terrorism' in purported response to the September 11th attacks. With hasty process, the New Zealand government quickly signed up. But what is this war really about? The agenda of the 'war on terrorism' is very different to the propaganda we are being sold by politicians and the mass media. It is an agenda of domination and control over our lives and the extension of state and corporate power.
Against Freedom, written by Valerie Morse, details the agenda against freedom, from the legislative changes since 9/11 to the suppression of dissent and the media manipulation of public understanding, in order to provide an alternative view of what is happening and what can be done to stop the war.

Anti Destiny Church

In 2005, age 33. Morse protested against a Destiny Church march in Queen St, with Emma Wills.[2]

"Urewera 17"

Welcome to Parliament

Left to right - Val Morse, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Metiria Turei, Nandor Tanczos

On February 14th 2006 Save Happy Valley Coalition was welcomed to Parliament by Green Party Conservation Spokesperson Metiria Turei, Nandor Tanczos and co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.

The Save Happy Valley Coalition was at Parliament, complete with Great Spotted Kiwi, to talk with MPs about the destruction of the kiwi habitat in Happy Valley. State-owned Solid Energy plans to create a vast open cast coal mine in Waimangaroa Valley, one of the few stable habitats of the endangered Great Spotted Kiwi…

Turei, Tanczos and Fitzsimons were photographed holding an SHVC banner, with anarchist Val Morse (on left)-also later arrested in the October 2007 raids.


In November Morse, 36, of Te Aro, faced three firearms charges, including possession of a military-style semi-automatic rifle, Molotov cocktails and ammunition, after the police raids on a military style training camp in the Urewera Mountains.

Val Morse was one of the Urewera 17.


Val Morse and Urs Signer


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