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Upper Valley DSA is a Vermont and New Hampshire chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Upper Valley DSA comrades

Upper Valley DSA April 5 2020.


With Katja Koeppen, Rory Gawler, Brian, Devin R. Wilkie, Tom Hampton, Robert Boody, Nancy Welch, Bill Phillips, Kendall Dix, Amelia Sereen, Kate Magill.

Immigration 101


Upper Valley DSA October 24, 2019 ·

Upper Valley DSA is excited to spend Tuesday evening at Immigration 101 with Asma Elhuni and Kate Semple Barta: 6 pm Oct. 29, Faculty Lounge, Hopkins Center, Hanover. Sponsored by the Dartmouth Dems. Join us for an evening of learning and discussion about what's driving the assault on immigrants and how the Upper Valley is fighting back against checkpoints, deportation, racial profiling, and fear.