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Unite Against Fascism is "a broad-based campaign against the Nazi British National Party (BNP) and racist English Defence League (EDL). We were founded in 2003 when several existing anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigns came together in response to the rising threat of the British National Party" based in the United Kingdom.

They were founded September 16, 2003.[1]


According to their Facebook page,[2] does electoral work and "fights against the Nazis...on the streets."

"Unite Against Fascism campaigns against the Nazis, both at the ballot box and on the streets. We help organise demonstrations, rallies and conferences against the BNP and other racist organisations such as the English Defence League.
"Our aim is to get as many people involved as possible in a hard-hitting campaign against the fascists. It was this approach that beat the National Front in the 1970s and the Blackshirts in the 1930s. We stand in that tradition of mass action against fascism.

Michael Calvey, Francesco Marioni, Mike Sims and Tilly Anna were referenced on their Facebook page.

No to Trump & the far right bloc - Together Against Trump demo

When President Trump visited England in June, 2019 Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism organized a rally against the President. From their Facebook invitation:[3]

"Bloc against racism Together Against Trump - stop the state visit part of the anti-racist zone in Trafalgar Square
Join us to pull down an effigy of Trump’s racist wall and ‘milkshake’ a Trump effigy
  • Refugees and migrants welcome
  • Stop the far right
  • Fight racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism
        • Meet at the South West Corner of Trafalgar Square between Nelsons Column and The Canadian Embassy*******
Trump has been an inspiration for the global far right with his Muslim ban and anti-migrant wall. We are calling on all anti-racists and anti-fascists to join us in opposing Trump, who has promoted racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism. We'll be joined by Unite Against Fascism & Love Music Hate Racism who will be hosting live acts throughout the day.