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Ugochukwu Okere is a Budlong Woods resident, the former chairman of Fuerza del Sol, a Chicago Public Schools graduate, and a community organizer on Chicago’s north side. He is also a government worker, having spent time employed in the office of Congressman Michael Quigley, the Chicago City Clerk, and the Chicago Federal Executive Board. Ugo currently works in the Office of the Evanston City Clerk. Born in Nigeria, Ugo moved to Chicago with his family at 3 months old. At age 9, he and his family moved to Budlong Woods, where they have lived for the past 12 years. A graduate of Budlong Elementary and Lane Tech High School, Ugo received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor’s of Social Work in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.

Ugo is the former chair of youth community organization Fuerza del Sol, an organization of young leaders that fights for justice in areas of violence prevention, gentrification, immigration, and racial justice. Through Fuerza del Sol and in partnership with the Justice Republic Coalition, Ugo has worked towards the development of a 15-Point Violence Prevention plan for the City of Chicago. The plan has received endorsements from members of Congress and members of the Illinois State Legislature. The development of the Violence Prevention Plan alongside directly impacted community members reflects Ugo’s commitment to co-governance – that regular people have the power to shape the policies that affect their neighborhoods.

A passionate believer that the struggles of all people are interconnected, Ugo aided in organizing the largest demonstration in Loyola University Chicago’s history, where upwards of 500 students, faculty and staff stood in solidarity with students of color who were facing racial death threats at the University of Missouri. Ugo spearheaded a university wide campaign to diversify Loyola’s historical core curriculum to include the histories of students of color.

Ugo is also a frequent voice and community leader in the 40th Ward. He has facilitated Know Your Rights workshops for students at Mather High School, and organized with the founders of Hate Has No Home Here to bring community members together. Having spent his entire adult life in the 40th ward, Ugo knows how urgent it is that we bring progressive change to our local leadership, and create a government that will put working people and community accountability first.[1]



Alderman race


Ugochukwu Okere, community organizer and Chicago Democratic Socialists of America member has announced his candidacy for Alderman of the 40th ward!

Lost Council run

Ugochukwu Okere, a young activist and Nigerian immigrant, was the one DSA endorsee who didn’t make a runoff in the 2019 Chicago City Council primaries. But even his loss was impressive: Okere, like most of his campaign volunteers, is in his early twenties, ran an unabashedly socialist campaign, and came within a few hundred votes of the runoff in a relatively wealthy, largely white ward, despite facing racist attacks from the incumbent, Patrick O’Connor, and nationally. (Another DSA member, Andre Vasquez, who was not endorsed by DSA, made the runoff).[2]

Solidarity Midwest Day School

The Solidarity Midwest Day School was held at People’s Church in Chicago on Saturday 28 July 2018. The event brought together about 50 people from Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee.

Ryne Poelker opened the meeting by observing that People’s Church had been targeted by developers and their political allies several years ago, but saved by a successful social justice campaign. T

Our Midwest Socialist Day School panel on taking power at the ballot box, with aldermanic candidates Ugochukwu Okere (40th Ward), Byron Sigcho Lopez (25th), Maria Hadden (49th), Bob Quellos representing Rossana Rodriguez (33rd) and Angela Clay (46th).

The final session, “Taking Power: Activists and the Ballot Box”, featured a panel of community activists who are running for office on the Chicago City Council: Angela Clay, candidate for 46th ward alderman and community activist; Maria Hadden, candidate for 49th ward alderman and community activist; Ugochukwu Okere, candidate for 40th ward alderman and DSA member; and Byron Sigcho Lopez, candidate for 25th ward alderman and DSA member. Also on the panel was Bob Quellos (DSA, 33rd ward Working Families), representing the aldermanic campaign of Rossana Rodriguez.[3]

Chicago DSA Closed Facebook group

This is the official Facebook group for Chicago DSA and its branches (South Side, Northside, and Oak Park)

Members of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of June 7, 2018 included Ugochukwu Okere .[4]

UIC Young Democratic Socialists Group

Members of the UIC Young Democratic Socialists Closed Facebook Group, accessed June 4, 2018 included Ugochukwu Okere .[5]