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Trevor Richards and Patti O'Neill

Trevor Richards' founded the Maoist led-organization, Halt All Racist Tours (HART), at Auckland University in New Zealand. The organization aimed to protest against rugby union tours, such as the 1970 Springbok Tour of NZ, to and from South Africa. Once married to Bryony Hales. Also the partner of Patti O'Neill.

Trevor Richards

Richards was born circa 1950 ago to Ruth and Bill Richards and has a younger sister, Shirley. He and his partner, Patti O'Neill, returned to New Zealand in 2016 ago after 12 years living in Paris, where O'Neill worked for the OECD. From 1985, Richards worked for the Public Service Association and Volunteer Service Abroad. During three years as a fellow at Victoria University of Wellington’s Stout Research Centre, he wrote Dancing on Our Bones: New Zealand, South Africa, Rugby and Racism. Richards received the Queen’s Service Medal in 1989, is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Auckland, and in 2004 was appointed a Supreme Companion of OR Tambo, the highest honour granted by South Africa to foreign citizens.

I went to university in 1966 and HART was formed in my fourth year, so I didn’t have another job before HART. I worked in my parents’ dairy in Paihia, in the Bay of Islands, over Christmas to support myself at university. During the HART years, I would often get shouts of “get a job”. The only comment I got more than “get a job” was “get a haircut”. For the conservative, short-back-and-sides people who supported rugby, long hair was a symbol of wild living, sexual promiscuity and revolutionaries.[1]

WCL wife

Bryony Hales was a member of the Workers Communist League.

From a 1981 NZ SIS report:

Bryony Margaret Loye Richards: Wife of Trevor Lawson Richards. A member of the WCL.[2]



On June 16 1981 Invercargill MP Norm Jones entered into the parliamentary record pages 460-461 the names of several Halt All Racist Tours leaders.

The List included Trevor Richards - HART international affairs officer. Married to Bryony Hales a Wellington District Committee member of the Workers Communist League.

The Paper

Russell Johnson named Trevor Richards of Halt All Racist Tours, and Joris de Bres of the Coalition for Racial Equality as The Paper supporters.

All through the ’70s, Mike Law edited HART News and in 1974 was business manger for the allied Maoist publication “The Paper”. Other helpers or contributors to “The Paper” included, Rona Bailey, Alick Shaw, Peter Franks, Terry Auld, Robert Reid, Lisa Sacksen (all future members of the Workers Communist League) future Air NZ board member Rob Campbell, future Race Relations Conciliator Joris de Bres, unionist Pat Kelly, Principal Family Court judge Peter Boshier, journalist Gyles Beckford, writer Tony Simpson and HART leader Trevor Richards.

Contributors to the production of Issue 1 The Paper July 1973 were Trevor Richards, Roger Steele, Graeme Collins, Mike Law, Sandy Lonsdale, Meg Bailey, Don Franks, Gyles Beckford, Peter Boshier, Warwyck Dewe, Les Atkins, Rob Campbell, Peter Wilson, Gordon Clifton, Keith Stewart, Peter Franks, Rona Bailey, Lisa Sacksen, with editorial onus on Ted Sheehan and Jim Delahunty.

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