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Template:TOCnestleft Trevor Falk is a Sarasota Florida activist.

Progressive Florida


Trevor Falk is a member of Progressive Sarasota.[1]

Climate Justice Coalition

In 2017 Trevor Falk was a Representative of the Sarasota Climate Justice Coalition.[2]

Sarasota Ready for 100

St. Petersburg has done it. Sarasota soon followed suit. Why shouldn’t Bradenton make the transition to using only renewable energy? wondered Parrish resident Jim Willard.

Willard and about a dozen other citizens have gathered regularly since January as Bradenton Ready for 100, a campaign that is led nationally by the Sierra Club. Their hope is to get the city of Bradenton to set a goal for relying 100 percent on renewable energy sources, within city-owned facilities and community-wide, much like its neighbors to the north and south.
Trevor Falk, an organizer with the Sarasota Ready for 100 campaign, said it took about six months to collaborate, draft a resolution and have it get city commission approval. The first hurdle was passed in June 2017 when the city commission unanimously approved their resolution, which set a goal for city-owned facilities to operate off of renewable energy for 2030, with 50 percent renewable by 2024. The community-wide goal is 2045.

“It’s certainly not over,” Falk said. “We’re still definitely working really hard.”

In his presentation to a small group at Manatee County Democratic Party headquarters Tuesday evening, Falk noted that the petition they presented to Sarasota City Commission had about 4,000 signatures. The biggest hurdles the group faced was gauging community and commission support, gathering signatures and coming up with a successful resolution. A year and a half into the national campaign, 50 cities nationwide made the commitment. Orlando was the third city to make a goal.[3]