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Tracy Lai

Tracy Lai began teaching at Seattle Central Community College in 1984 as an adjunct and earned full-time tenured status in 1995. She received a B.A. in Third World Literature and Ethnic Studies from Brown University and UC Berkeley and her M.Ed. in Multicultural Studies from the University of Washington

Her activism began in student organizing and continues today in her own union, American Federation of Teachers. She earned certification from the University of Washington’s Family and Genealogy History program and trained as an oral history interviewer for Densho, Japanese American History project.

Married to Stan Shikuma.

Japan coonection

Arlene Inouye June 27, 2016 · Osaka, Japan

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity and thank the Japanese union activists for taking care of every part of my visit including translators and various modes of transportation. Just as we discussed the foundation of one-on-one organizing, and the importance of relationships, I experienced deep international solidarity that we share as brothers and sisters across the Pacific. This is a critical juncture for the future of Japan.


— with Sam Winslow, Tracy Lai, Minori Yoneyama, Eriko Kojima, Gregory Cendana, Kent Wong, Johanna Hester, Kim Geron, Monica Thammarath, Darren Shiroma, Susan Li, Minh Tran, Stan Kiino, Wade Kyle, Luisa Blue, Jessica Cendana, Steven Moy, Ray Takeda, Theresa Montano, Eric Heins, David Goldberg, Cesar Moreno, Mary Cathryn Ricker, Kristy Ishii, Kenji Kurazawa.

Labor activism/China

Tracy Lai is co-secretary for the Executive Board of Seattle Community Colleges Federation of Teachers. She is a member of both the national and Washington State AFT Civil and Human Rights Committees. Tracy teaches history full-time at Seattle Central Community College. She serves on the advisory board for the Evergreen State College’s Labor Center. Tracy also serves as the National Secretary of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO and as President of the APALA Seattle Chapter. Tracy went to China for her first time with the 2013 Fullbright-Hays Seminar Abroad: Social Sciences in China, June 19-July 19.[1]

Student activism

As a student, Lai had been organizing in organizations such as the Asian Student Union and Students against Apartheid.[2]

International Examiner staff/contributors


Haruko Ando, Maria Batayola, William Blauvelt, Greg Castilla, Ron Chew, Donnie Chin, Doug Chin, Sue Chin, Tom Eng, Ann Fujii, Gabby Gomez, Jeff Hanada, Sumi Hayashi, Gary Iwamoto, Michelle Kumata, Tracy Lai, Vibha Lai, Alan Chong Lau, Serena Louie, Ken Mochizuki, Valerie Ooka Pang, Jesse Reyes, Stan Shikuma, Kamol Sudthayakorn, Connie Sugahara, Esther Sugai, Myra Sun, Susan Taketa, Greg Tuai, Dean Wong, Diane Yen-Mei Wong.

1985, International Examiner, 318-6th Ave S. #127, Seattle, WA.[3]


Tracy Lai, was a contributor to Unity, September 26, 1986, the newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

In 1988 Tracy Lai, Seattle, was a contributor to League of Revolutionary Struggles' Unity.

East Wind

In 1989 Tracy Lai was Seattle representative of East Wind.

"The Snake Dance"

In 2008 Michael Liu, Kim Geron, and Tracy Lai published "The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism".


In 1987 Tracy Lai was an ethnic studies community college teacher in Seattle.

International Examiner Activist Training Manual

Oct 24, 2011 International Examiner Activist Training Manual.

Featured Activist Panel -

Rep. Bob Hasegawa, Dante Garcia, Emma Catague, Tracy Lai, Justin Laem, Marline Pedregosa, Tien Vo.[4]

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

Tracy Lai serves on the board of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance[5].