Tootie Welker

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Tootie Welker

Tootie Welker is Montana activist. Owner-operator at Mz Wally Woofer, and Maya Rising.

DSA Contact

In July 2017, contact for Missoula Democratic Socialists of America was Tootie Welker.[1]

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Tootie Welker of Western Montana Democratic Socialists of America.

Whitefish rally


January 2017;

After the rally, the sun came out and it warmed up enough for our cameras to work. Here you see DSA members from Kalispell and Columbia Falls (two of only four members from the Flathead Valley, where Whitefish is), plus other members that came from Hot Springs, Missoula, Helena and Bozeman (a 5-hour drive). We were joined by several hundred other penguins. — with Arthur Fretheim, Marshall Mayer, Paul Dock, Bonnie Lambert and Tootie Welker in Whitefish, Montana.

DSA Study Group


DSA Study Group, Missoula, open Facebook group, accessed November 6, 2017.

A group for people interested in Democratic Socialism in the Missoula area to read about and discuss socialism, history, politics, economics, and more.[2]


  • Tootie Welker, Owner-operator at Mz Wally Woofer
  • Jon Henry Caro, Sponsored Programs Specialist at University of Montana
  • Crystal Koosman, Missoula, Montana, created group on April 15, 2017


Western MT DSA Closed Group

Western Montana Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, accessed May 23, 2018;[4]

Admins and Moderators

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of March 16, 2017 included Tootie Welker.[5]