Tony Oldfield

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Tony Oldfield

Tony Oldfield is a leader of the Communist Party of Australia.

Cuban 5

Young Communists - Western Sydney August 17, 2014 ·


Cuban Ambassador Pedro Monzon, Aili Labinino (daughter of Ramon Labinino), Auburn LGA Councillor Tony Oldfield and YCLA Vice President Hayden Sofa at the CFMEU office in Lidcombe showing their solidarity with the Cuban 5 in their struggle.

Free Ramon, Gerardo and Antonio! The struggle continues. — with Pedro Monzon Barata, Tony Oldfield and Hayden Walters.

Council bid

In 2012 the local council areas of Auburn and the City of Sydney featured Communist Party of Australia members running as candidates. In Auburn, running for the Battler was Tony Oldfield, a well-known local activist and party member. In the City of Sydney was Denis Doherty running as Mayoral and Councillor Candidate with the Housing Action Team.[1]