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Thomas (Tommy) Dennis was a Michigan Communist Party USA leader.

Communist Party candidate

In 1972 Tommy Dennis was Communist Party USA candidate for U.S. Senator, Michigan.[1]

Communist Party Affiliation

In Chicago on October 27, 1971 - The Presidential Ballroom of the Midland Hotel was packed with more than 400 people last Friday to mark the 8Oth birthday of Wiliam L.Patterson, the man who rocked the world with his charge of genocide against the U.S. imperialists. Spokesmen for the committee sponsoring the banquet told the Daily World that many who had delayed in getting reservations had to be turned away. Veterans of the working class movement said they could not remember an occasion bringing together such a broad spectrum of workers, trade unionists and professionals, in a tribute to a Communist leader.[2]

According to the World[3]-sharing the head table with Patterson and his wife; Louise Thompson Patterson, were Ishmael Flory, master of ceremonies and chairman of the Banquet Committee; Henry Winston, chairman of the Communist Party; Claude Lightfoot and Arnold Johnson, CP leaders; Mrs. Sallye Davis, mother of Angela Davis, Pearl Hart, civil liberties attorney, Rev. John Hill, chairman of the Alliance to End Repression, Ernest DeMaio, director of District 11 of the United Electrical Workers; Jack Kling, secretary of the Illinois CP; Lynn Stinnette, Illnois chairman of the Young Workers Liberation League, and Betty Smith and Tommy Dennis, who led delegations from Minnesota and Michigan respectively.

People's Daily World

In 1986 Thomas Dennis was General Manager, of the Communist Party USA newspaper People's Daily World[4]



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