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Thomas Leavitt

Thomas Leavitt is an occasional contributor to Seeing the Forest, a progressive blog. He describes himself as a "militant bisexual polyamorous activist", and has stated that he is proud to be a card carrying member of the ACLU. He is also the son of a heretical Gnostic Christian priest father and a feminist League of Women Voters activist mother. He was initiated as a Mason in May 2005.[1][2]


As at August 18, 2003, Leavitt wrote a book review column for "Manifesto", a Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Area queer newspaper, and served as Chair of the Living Wage Advisory Committee of the City of Santa Cruz. He also served on that city's Homeless Issues Task Force in the year 2000. He serves on the executive board of SoBOA (non-profit bisexual advocacy group) and the steering committee of the GLBT Alliance (Santa Cruz area queer political group) and the Green Party of Santa Cruz County, CA.[2]


In 2006 Ohlone SDS (Cabrillo Junior College) Aptos, CA contact was Thomas Leavitt.

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