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Theresa Nielson is a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.

SDS First on Campus meeting

201 Presidents Cir, Salt Lake City Tuesday 12 January 2016, Organized by U of U Students for a Democratic Society - Univ. of Utah - Formerly Revolutionary Students Union.

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Juli Castro, Theresa Nielson, Danya Zituni, Alyssa Faith, Shane Richman, Ian Decker, Sean Taylor, Jerry Evans.[1]

SDS New Member's Social

201 Presidents Cir, Salt Lake City Tuesday 9 February 2016,

Organized by Students for a Democratic Society - Univ. of Utah - Formerly Revolutionary Students Union.

Students for a Democratic Society is a multiissue, multinational progressive student activist club. We engage in grassroots struggle to improve the lives of students on campus and in the valley. Non UofU Students welcome!

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included LeAundra Jeffs, Ian Decker, Samuel Grenny, Sean Taylor, DuJuan Mitchell, Kat Fedorova, Theresa Nielson, River Rose Haggerty.[2]

FRSO Presents: May Day

451 S State St, Salt Lake City, Sunday 1 May 2016, 12:00. Organized by Gregory Lucero.

Salt Lake City has seen the people wage a lot of struggles this year. The people of Salt Lake have fought against the racist Donald Trump, war, police brutality, racism, sexism, and for students rights. We celebrate those struggles on May 1st, International Workers Day. We have a lot to celebrate.

We have speakers from the labor, immigrant, anti-war, anti-police brutality, and socialist movements. We also will have live music and informational tables. Join us for May Day not only to celebrate our victories, but learn what you can do to help build the strugge in the future.

This event is hosted by the FRSO and cohosted by Workers World Party, Socialist Alternative, Students for a Democratic Society, Utah Anti-war Committee, Utah Against Police Brutality, and the United Workers Organization.

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Bianca Paulino, Gabriella Anderson, Alyssa Faith, Doris Chatterton, Sasha Olsen, Jade Arter, Taylor Cowan, Theresa Nielson, Andrea Sofia Canedo, Wendi Guerrero, Amy Jones, Emily Lacock, Juliet Stinson, Joanna Straughn, Danielle Warnick, Carly Kay Haldeman, Jeannette Villalta, Summer Autumn, Dennis Potter, Marco Munoz, Jason Cronin, William VanWagenen, Nick Godfrey, Noah Potts, Travis Gray, Ian Decker, Shane Richman, Connor Richards, Dalek Pretorius, Adrian Romero, Brett Barrett, Ian Cox, Joey Brandin, Eoin O Gallachoir, Stephen Andrew Cox, Jamison Potter, Eric James Allred Porter, Olivier Jimenez, Sam Beutler, Johnny Dean Chucho Warren, Greg Murray, Steven Emerman, Sean Taylor, Ian De Oliveira, Gregory Lucero, Kody Coats, John Pacific, Tino Uvdt, Cannon Atkinson, Adam Koritz.[3]

M-L school

Salt Lake City, UT - members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! and Students for a Democratic Society presented the basics of Marxism-Leninism to a group of 30 community members, students, and local organizers on July 9 2016. The presenters focused on the fundamentals of capitalism and socialism, the struggle of oppressed nationalities in the U.S. and abroad, and the need for a communist party of the multinational working class.

The first presentation gave an overview of Marxist-Leninist theory, starting with the emergence of capitalism and the exploitation inherent to it. The speaker, Sean Taylor of SDS at the University of Utah, highlighted the importance of the vanguard in building the revolutionary struggle in the U.S. and in combating U.S. imperialism abroad: “The vanguard has the duty of going among the people. Socialism cannot be instituted from above.”

Theresa Nielson, a member of FRSO and lead organizer of SDS, followed with a presentation on the struggle of oppressed nationalities - the Chicano people of the Southwest - Aztlán and African Americans in the Black Belt of the U.S. - as well as the ongoing fights in the Philippines and Palestine.

Ian Decker, also with FRSO, finished the school with “The Strategy for Revolution,” in which he discussed the practical methods of building a communist party under late capitalism. He specifically outlined the need for a strategic alliance of the multinational working class and the oppressed nationalities.[4]

AntiTrump protest, SLC

2500 people gathered to protest a Trump rally in Salt Lake City on Friday night, March 19. The University of Utah Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organized the Dump Trump rally.

Ricky Bonacks, an SDS member, started off the rally, by telling protesters, “We make America great. We may not run America yet, but we make America run - poor, working class people.”

Theresa Nielson of Students for a Democratic Society followed with a message encouraging people to take up activism, noting that “voting will not get rid of our problems. We must fight and struggle together.”

Alyssa Faith from the Utah Anti-War Committee focused on Trump’s foreign policy statements “Trump is a racist, islamophobic hate mongerer.”

Nick Godfrey, a member of Teamsters Local 222 spoke on Trump’s abuse of workers. “Trump’s wealth came first from a huge inheritance and then from the backs of poor immigrants.”

Dennis Potter from Utah’s Socialist Alternative stated,”Republicans act like he's hijacking their party. Republicans have cultivated the climate for Trump for years.”

Muna Omar from the University of Utah Students for Justice in Palestine spoke on Trump’s pro-Israel stance, stating, “When asked about his call for a wall along the border with Mexico Trump responded the a wall is working fine for Israel.” She also stated, “Trump is not the problem, the support for Trump is the problem. Trump doesn't believe what he says, but his supporters do. It's not Trump I hate, it's the people he represents.”

Ian Decker from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! said, “Trump represents the most dangerous element of the American body politic. We need a world where people can live without fear. It can't end here - we need to fight, we need to unite, we need to organize.”

Gregory Lucero from Utah Against Police Brutality told the crowd, “If I get arrested tonight I’m willing to sacrifice my job, my livelihood, because Trump is that dangerous.”

After the speeches, protesters took turns voicing their opposition to Trump and beating a Trump piñata. After that, the crowd began to march toward the rally venue behind the SDS banner. When the protesters reached the rally venue they faced off against Trump supporters.

Protesters chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” “Dump Trump he’s a Trump!” “Shut it down!” “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Trump and Klan go hand in hand!”[5]


Fifteen people joined Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) outside the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building, Aug. 27 2016, in solidarity with Palestine after the most recent attacks. The week before, over 50 airstrikes were launched in less than an hour by the apartheid state Israel against Gaza. The barrage was the worst since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 which killed over 2100 Palestinians.

The rally began with chants of “Viva viva Palestina!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” which drew in passers-by from the street.

Theresa Nielson, president of SDS at the University of Utah, condemned the airstrikes as the continuation of the violence and terror that is at the foundation of the Israeli settler state and she called for an end to the billions in financial and military aid given to Israel.

Brooks Bergmann, also with SDS, spoke out against the imperialist intervention in the Middle East and called for support of Palestinian resistance. “The Palestinians have continued to fight for their right to self-determination and we are standing here in solidarity to say we will never accept the wall on the West Bank,” Bergmann said.

After Bergmann’s speech, Nielson led chants of “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!”

Ian Decker of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! covered the ongoing political repression of the Palestinian American activist Rasmea Odeh, who was unjustly convicted in 2014 for immigration fraud. In fact, she was a victim of torture and rape by Israeli interrogators in 1969, and her ongoing prosecution is an attempt to silence her.

Nancy Hansen, one of the several passers-by that joined the rally, commented that tax money should not be going to Israel, but instead to the local homeless shelters, where many people in Utah are in need of education and jobs.

Speakers and attendees also expressed solidarity with Palestinian hunger striker Bilal Kayed.

The vice president of SDS, Sean Taylor, closed the rally, stating “The government that excuses police lynching, allows students to pile up mountains of debt, and weakens unions is the same government that supports Israel and bombs the Middle East,” they said. “We cannot expect the people who profit from our exploitation to suddenly grow a heart. We need to build organizations and struggle in the street.”[6]