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The Harry Bridges Project is dedicated to introducing the public to the life and ideas of Harry Bridges and his impact on our lives today. Bridges was an extraordinary labor leader and social visionary whose life and work encompassed all of the important issues and events of his day, including immigration, depression-era policies, red-scares, McCarthyism, the cold-war and labor issues. His story provides a springboard into understanding those times and realizing their significance today, as we face parallel issues of globalization, the growing gap between rich and poor, increasing governmental surveillance and the war on terror. His life inspires people to come together in their communities, discover their own history and take charge of their own lives. By engaging in dialogue and debate about these issues we can move beyond the fears and limitations that they can create. His life has also inspired us to discover the stories of other radical, and largely misunderstood, figures in American history, from the "Father of American Labor Arbitration" Sam Kagel to the amazing singer and activist Barbara Dane. The circle grows.[1]

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