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Template:TOCnestleft The Committee for the 26th of July operating from the Venceremos Brigade post office box-PO Box 3169, New York, N.Y. 10001-is sponsoring "A People's Salute to Cuba" on Thursday, July 24 and Friday, July 25 at New York's Manhattan Center.

The Thursday evening event will consist of an "evening in solidality with Puerto Rican independence." Performers are to include Roy Brown, the Cerni theater group; folksinger Rev. Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick, a regular attraction at radical events, particularly those involving the Communist Party USA; dancer Betty Garcia; and Mike Glick, a regular performer for the Communist Party's youth group, the Young Workers Liberation League.

Principal speaker at the Thursday evening event will be Noel Colon Martinez, one of the attorneys representing three Puerto Rican Socialist Party members detained in the Dominican Republic on charges of having transported three Cuban-trained Domlnican guerrillas tonthat country. Dr. Colon is also president of the Puerto Rican branch of the international Soviet-controlled front, the World Peace Council. The announced topic of his speech, not unexpectedly, is "the historic role Cuba has played in themstruggle for the independence of Puerto Rico."

The Friday evening "People's Salute" will feature Angela Davis, member of theCentral Committee of the Communist Party USA; Antonio Rodriguez of the Center for Autonomous Social Action, generally known as CASA, who is also a member of the U.S. Support Committee for the Havana solidarity conference; Cleveland Robinson of the DistributivemWorkers of America, long a Communist-dominated union, and a member of the National Afro-AmericanLabor Council; and peace activist David Dellinger, a self-described "Communist, though not of the pro-Soviet variety" and member of the board of the Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee.

The Venceremos Brigade's Committeesfor the 26th of July will hold commemo- rations of the Moncada assault in 14 other cities including Atlanta, in my home State; Charlotte and Durham, N.C.; Chicago and Champaign, DI.; Nashville, Tenn.; Washingt-0n, D.C., Kansas City; Albuquerque; Los Angeles; San Francisco and Seattle.

Signers of the letter of invitation to Melba Hernandez and sponsors of them"People's Salute to Cuba" include many associated with the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, the Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee, the Communist Party USA - the National Interim Committee for a Mass Party of the People, the Venceremos Brigade; and various "Chile Solidarity" groups, among others.

As reported by the Daily World and the Committee for the 26th of July, they include:

On Friday, July 11, the Daily World reported that Melba Hernandez and her four companions had been denied visas.* [1]



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