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DSA Muslim Caucus


2020 Leadership Committee

Asian American Feminist Collective 2020:

Salonee Bhaman, Julie Ae Kim, Rachel Kuo, Senti Sojwal, Tiffany Diane Tso.

We are grateful to the leadership, ideas, activism, time and labor of Marion Aguas, Connie Cho, AC Dumlao, Jenn Fang, Adrienne Favis, Sarmishta Govindhan, Shahana Hanif, Caitlin Ho, Jolene Hsu, Marilla Li, Aenea Liang, Thahitun Mariam, Eunice Ok, Alison Roh Park, Annie Pei, Samantha Seid, Anique Singer, Annie Tan, Vivian Truong, Diane Wong, Julia Yang-Winkenbach, Stephanie Yim, Kate Zen and also the many people who contributed to the initial call to edit our definition and manifesto document.[1]