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Template:TOCnestleft Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is affiliated to the Alliance for Retired Americans.


2015 President Gene Lantz.[1]

2015, Dallas Chapter President George Nolan

In 2011, Shane Fox, was President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans.[2]

Judy Bryant, leader.

In 2014 Jim Rivers was, President of the Fort Worth Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans.

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans held its convention June 2011, mapping plans for the future and electing new officers: Shane Fox (President), Gene Lantz (Secretary), Elaine Jones (Treasurer), and Judy Bryant, Charles Hightower, and Jim Rivers as At-Large Executive Board members. Dani Pere, the national Alliance’s Director of Field Mobilization, addressed the convention, updating Texas retirees on the Alliance’s efforts to educate and mobilize retirees on emerging threats to Social Security and Medicare.

Texas Alliance President Annie Banks, 2009.


Marty Lavarado, Leah Witherspoon, Bob Feltzke, Mary Feltzke, Jolynn Lowry, Barbara Jo Rojas, Roy Parrish .

Cheryl Anderson, Elaine Jones, Richard C. Shaw, Ellen Stupak-Shaw, Lewis Fulbright and Carolyn Burton.[3]


Bob Fusinato, Morris Fried, Fernando Rojas, and Lewis Fulbright.

Fort Worth

June 19, 2013, Fort Worth activists from CWA and IAM met at the CWA 6201 Hall to hear information about Texas Alliance for Retired Americans from Field Organizer Judy Bryant and TARA Executive Board member Jim Rivers, who was immediately elected President of this new chapter. Denny Kramer was chosen as the Secretary Treasurer.[4]

Corpus Christi

President Michael Whitmire, Vice President Lisa Soliz and Secretary Treasurer Yvonne Landin.

February 2016 TARA-EF members in the Corpus Christi area met recently to revitalize their chapter with a new name and a new president. Vice President Lisa Solis conducted the election and Richard Rock was chosen by acclamation as President of the Coastal Bend Alliance for Retired Americans. Elaine Jones was elected Treasurer and Yvonne Landin remains secretary.

Austin group

On June 18, Austin activists from 9 unions, plus one community supporter met at the Texas AFL-CIO Auditorium to form a chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. ARA Regional Director Emmett Sheppard, also known as “Super Chef”, prepared a delicious lunch of Mexican cornbread and Crawfish Pie, salad and cookies for those present.

After receiving information from TARA Field Organizer Judy Bryant, Secretary Tony Padilla and Sheppard, members voted to officially form the Austin chapter and held elections for officer positions. Caryl Yontz of AFSCME/Texas Retired Public Employees was elected President and Oran McMichael, also of AFSCME , was elected Vice-President. Maria Jimenez, a retired teacher and AFT member will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

Members finished their meeting assembling patriotic themed paper chains for use at the Chained CPI Austin event on July 2, where they will thank Congressman Lloyd Doggett for his stand against this increase to Social Security and his long time support of retiree issues.[5]

L-R Austin President Glenn Scott, TARA Secretary Tony Padilla, Austin Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wiseley, Texas AFL-CIO Director/TARA Liaison Lee Forbes and Committee members Marie Drummond, Danny Fetonte and Yolanda Delgado

The Austin Texas Alliance for Retired Americans chapter met June 20, 2015? to finalize the plans for their Medicare 50th Birthday Celebration on July 25, plus discussed a possible fall fundraiser and ways to increase membership. Attending were Austin President Glenn Scott, TARA Secretary Tony Padilla, Austin Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wiseley, Texas AFL-CIO Director/TARA Liaison Lee Forbes and Committee members Marie Drummond, Danny Fetonte and Yolanda Delgado.[6]

July 2015, "We had a great Austin TARA crew working on this event". The team Sat. was Robyn Hembree, Barbara Fetonte, Maura Powers and Mark Cebulski. Maria Jimenez and Alicia del Rio ( not a member yet, still working but retired CWA ).[7]

San Antonio

Gloria Parra and Ruben Silva.

2012 ARA southern convention

Texas had one of the largest delegations, after the gigantic Florida group, in Orlando for the Southern Regional Conference of the Alliance for Retired Americans in May 2012. They were Emmett Sheppard, Marty Alvarado, Carol Yontz, Gene Lantz, Linda Chavez-Thompson, Judy Bryant, Jim Rivers, Maggie Kramer, and Ray Kramer.[8]

Putting out signs for Veasey

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, November 8, 2016;

It's become an election eve tradition for TARA to post polling place signs for our friend of working families and retirees, Cong. Marc Veasey. Thanks to Linda Coleman, James Kille, Eddie Morgan and Rick Schoolcraft who were super volunteers and much appreciated by Field Organizer Judy Bryant.