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Taryn Fivek

Template:TOCnestleft Taryn Fivek lives in New York City, New York. From Jacksonville, Florida. Her parents are businessman Clark Fivek and Marcia Ladendorff, who was one of CNN's first anchors when the cable network launched. She was also the top anchor at WTLV-12 First Coast News in Jacksonville, before semi-retiring as a professor and media personality working at the University of North Florida. Her dad owns a company.

Taryn Fivek is active in struggles against racism, sexism, U.S. imperialism, anti-LGBTQ oppression and austerity, as well as a proud labor activist in her union. She is an adjunct lecturer in economics and PhD student in geography at the City University of New York, where she researches gentrification, economic crisis, policing, and who has a right to the city.

Taryn Fivek has used the online alias Emma Quangel.

Taryn Fivek is an adjunct lecturer with the economics department at John Jay College (CUNY) in New York City. She focuses on uneven economic and geographic development, financialization, neoliberalism, war, and capitalist crisis. Originally from the deep south, her professional background includes food server and delivery driver, copy editor, union organizer, barista, journalist, researcher, and public information officer with the International Organization for Migration.[1]


  • Countries of professional experience: USA, Iraq, Jordan, occupied Palestinian territories, United Kingdom, Qatar, Germany
  • Languages: English (native), Arabic, Spanish, Russian


  • MSc: Globalization and Development - 2012. School of Oriental and African Studies, London
  • BA: Political Science - 2010, University of Central Florida


  • Public Information Officer 07/2014 - Present the United Nations' International Organization for Migration – Iraq Mission. Field photography and interviews with beneficiaries, press notes, flash reports, infographics, video production, copy and scripts, media contacts, photography seminar for displaced youth, photo books, exhibitions, communications strategy development, recruiting and managing staff
  • Assistant Internal Organizer 06/2013 – 02/2014, New York Hotel Trades Council, AFL-CIO.
  • Events and Content Strategy Assistant 10/2012 – 06/2013, The Economist
  • Production Coordinator 10/2010, Women’s Tennis Association Championships. Assisting director and senior producers during live broadcast in Doha, Qatar, managing production pipelines, logistics, local procurement and production scheduling.
  • Production Manager 01/2007 – 01/2008, Two Door FX Post-production management, client and artist management, streamlining production pipeline via new technology, copy and script writing [2]

Belden friendship

Taryn Fivek is close friends with Brace Belden.

Marxist classes


“What Road to Socialism?”


The New York branch of Workers World Party held a public and livestream forum Nov. 23 2019 on “What Road to Socialism?” The speakers included Makasi Motema, an organizer with the People’s Power Assemblies/NYC, who spoke on connecting the struggle against racism worldwide and breaking down imperialism’s lies; Larry Holmes, First Secretary of WWP, on uncovering the nuances in the turn in consciousness we are witnessing today toward socialism and struggle, the role of revolutionaries and a revolutionary party; Scott Williams, a Philadelphia WWP organizer, who spoke on the upsurge in interest in socialism among youth and the need for revolutionary strategy in the coming period; and Taryn Fivek, who gave a report back from the anti-imperialist gathering in Cuba against neoliberalism and for socialist democracy. Fivek also noted the differences between bourgeois and working-class democracy.[3]

Stephanie Tromblay moderated.

WWP member


Taryn Fivek is a member of the Workers World Party.

Condolences to Cuba


Greg Butterfield December 4, 2016 ·

Workers World Party delegation at the Cuban Mission in New York to sign condolence book for Comandante Fidel Castro, Dec. 2.

Photo: Cuba Mission — with Larry Holmes, Marsha Goldberg, Teresa Gutierrez, Monica Moorehead, Taryn Fivek and Bill Dores at Cuban Mission.

J20 organizer


J20 organizers are calling for people to gather at what they are renaming “Anti-Columbus Plaza” in front of D.C.’s Union Station at 6 a.m. on Jan. 20. A march on the White House will begin at 10 a.m.

The cops and agencies of the state are trying to stop people from saying “No to Trump!” Racist cops love Trump, who called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and who wants to crush the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ludicrous limits are being set to attempt to stop demonstrators. Among the items the cops are trying to prohibit at checkpoints are backpacks, balloons and even signs larger than 8 by 6 by 4 inches — about the size of half a sheet of typing paper!

“Many restrictions are vague, all-encompassing, contradictory and open to police interpretation,” said New York J20 organizer Taryn Fivek. “All are intended to restrict people’s freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”

But none of these police state measures are stopping organizers from filling buses. J20 organizer Nate Peters says that 100 people have already signed up to go from New York City.[4]

“Women Fight Back Against Capitalism and Imperialism”

A forum featuring three young women revolutionaries was organized by the New York City chapter of Workers World Party on Jan. 18 2018. Entitled “Women Fight Back Against Capitalism and Imperialism,” the meeting was a building event for the J20 Days of Rage protests targeting the one-year anniversary inauguration of the "white supremacist, misogynist president, Donald Trump".

The three speakers were Ariella Riapos from G-REBLS on the resistance in Honduras; May Madarang from GABRIELA-NYC on repression and fightback in the Philippines; and Taryn Fivek from WWP on the role of revolutionary feminism versus bourgeois feminism. Each of the speakers spoke on the role that women play in these important struggles. The meeting was chaired by Paddy Colligan.[5]