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Tali Williams

Tali Celina Williams is a New Zealand activist.

I’m a union organiser and have organized for First Union, Finsec, SFWU and EPMU at various times for over a decade. My principle life purpose is working alongside union members to challenge power so there is hope for a better life for us all.

Married to Ben Rosamond. Daughter of Mike Williams.


Welsh father and Polish mother. Grand daughter of WW2 survivors. Born in Upper Hutt and life resident in the Wellington region, currently residing in the CBD. Began as a jobplace delegate, then organiser for the union movement for ten years, originally with the Engineers Union then Finsec as campaign director.

Holds a diploma in journalism. Traveled around Syria and Jordan interviewing Palestinian and Iraqi refugees in the wake of the war on Iraq. Written for both local and international publications. Traveled internationally advocating on behalf of young trade unionists in Australasia, including at the United Nations and the World Social Forum in Brazil. Advocate for youth sexual health and campaigner for young workers rights. Dancer in a contemporary troupe and a musician. Active campaigner for peace and Palestine.[1]

First Union comrades

Tali FirstUnion December 20, 2015 ·


With Kathryn Tucker, Kate Dickie-Davis, Maxine Gay and Ingrid Beckers.

Dennis Maga November 16, 2014 ·


With Cameron Walker, Joe Hendren, Hyra Evangelista, Edward Miller, Amie Dural-Maga, Oliver Christeller, Mely Feria, Kathryn Tucker, Robert Reid, Mandeep Singh Bela and Tali FirstUnion.


1998 executive member of newly formed UNITE union for unemployed people.[2]

2002 - has completed the first year-long CTU cadetship. Williams has been working with the EPMU's youth members, EPMU organiser.

2002 Youth Union Movement Representative.

2004 - member of the Youth Union Movement, representative of the CTU.; Vice-Chair Asia-Pacific Trade Unionist Committee, based in Wellington.

National Youth Network

1999 Member National Youth Network.[3]

Women's Conference Against APEC

Women's Conference Against APEC, Law School, Old Government Buildings, 19-20 June 1999,The Conference is sponsored by the APEC Monitoring Group. The Organising Committee members are: Leigh Cookson, Bronwyn Cross, Maxine Gay, Tere Harrison, Caroline Hatt, Prue Hyman, Tanja Shutz, Luci Highfield, Jane Kelsey, Annie Newman, Christina Rizos, Gillian Southey,Tali Williams.

Williams spoke on on Secondary School Students as Workers.


Sept. 2000 - one of 8 Wellington students arrested at anti capitalism protest in Cuba Sreet. Age 19 Victoria university student.[4]

Journalism student

2000 - Journalism Student Massey University.

Bangkok conference

Report on the 3rd United Nations Human Resource Development Forum on Youth 4-8 June 2001, Bangkok, Thailand Thanks to the sponsorship from the Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF), the ICFTU-APRO Youth Committee members, lead by the Chair Brother Alex Aguilar, participated at the 3rd UN Human Resource Development (HRD) Forum on Youth. The APRO delegation comprises of:

2. Tali Williams (NZCTU) - 1st Vice-Chair

A total of about 300 young participants attended the 5-day forum. The focus of thee 3rd UN HRD Forum is an interest at the international levels the issues of sexual and reproductive health, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.
The ICFTU-APRO Youth Committee’s main interest was seeing how these issues were affecting young workers in the Asia-Pacific area. APRO Youth Committee, together with Youth delegates from many countries asked governments to take notice of what was happening and ensure policies were put into place to safeguard young people as much as possible.
Sister Tali Williams, the 1st Vice-Chair of the APRO Youth Committee, had the opportunity to discuss with various other young delegates what the work of the ICFTU-APRO youth Committee was and particularly our youth and child labour campaign in the Asia Pacific region. She also assisted with a couple of presentations from the young people to United Nations delegates. One demonstrated the evils of child prostitution and was presented through a role-play format.
She also presented the ESCAP Executive Secretary, Mr Kim Hak-su, with a gift on behalf of the young delegates. The interests of young workers and trade unionists in the Asia Pacific region were represented in the final UN HRD Youth Declaration adopted at the end of the forum. In particular was the need for safeguards against occupational health and safety for young workers in the region.

To quote sister Tali
"I played an important role at the meeting, the experience was one I will never forget. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to represent the ICFTU-APRO Youth Committee at such a distinguished event."

Activism in Aotearoa

2002 - spoke at Activism in Aotearoa, Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre, Youth Networking.

Global Issues

2003 - Global Issues is a quarterly magazine produced for secondary schools by the Global Education Centre, which is part of the Development Resource Centre. The Development Resource Centre is a Wellington-based education and information serviceproviding resources on development and global issues. We provide a free service to New Zealand schools.If you have any enquiries, special thanks to: Tali Williams, Kirsten le Harivel, Rachael Goddard, Te Tui Hoterene, Yadana Saw, Sen Thong, Nick Bohm, Sebastian Nilsson, Teanau Tuiono and Paul Zoubkov for sharing your time and knowledge.

Children's Rights Sector Advisory Group

2004 - Action Plan for Human Rights Children's Rights Sector Advisory Group;

The adult members of this group were: Vivian Cheung, Lois Dawson-Mikaere, Robert Ludbrook, Marie McDonald, Mike O'Brien, Ben Taufua, Jacqui Te Kani, Tali Williams.

Wellington Palestine Group

March 2007 Tali Williams from the Wellington Palestine Group.

Kotare Trust

2005 - Kotare current Trustees are: Tim Howard (Whangarei) Chair, Sue Bradford (Wellsford) deputy Chair, Quentin Jukes, Noelene Landrigan (Wellsford), Kate Abel (Opotiki), Gordon Jackman (Gisborne) Kay Robin, Ngai Tamanuhiri (Manutuke), Tali Williams (Wellington) and Sue Berman (Waitakere).

Kotare Youth

In 2006 Kotare Trust has a Youth Advisory group of people under 25 who have volunteered to give us feedback on how we are working generally and also specifically with younger people. We are meeting with them on November 11 and 12 to discuss our work. The advisory group members are Tali Williams from Wellington, Frances Mountier from Christchurch, John Darroch from South Auckland and Tui Armstrong from Whangarei. These young people have all participated in Kotare activities since the age of 15 and have active networks and great ideas!

2012 Gaza team

In June 2012, Kia Ora Gaza sent a four-person team to Gaza as part of an international aid convoy. Kiwi convoyers were Roger Fowler, Tali Williams, Gibran Janif and Hone Fowler.[5]

Kia Ora Gaza new exec

In February 2013, at a leadership forum of Kia Ora Gaza, Grant Morgan stood down as chair of the solidarity network and editor of the website kiaoragaza.net. His departure had been well flagged over the past 12 months.

Grant has been busy with research and networking around the pending collapse of the international capitalist system. Now he needs to devote his energies to a capitalist collapse website as its launch date gets closer.

Kia Ora Gaza’s newly elected executive were Tali Williams, Roger Fowler and Hone Fowler.[6]