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Sydney Ghazarian, aka Sydney Kat from Los Angeles, is a founding member of the Democratic Socialists of America’s Climate and Environmental Justice Working Group.[1] She is also a climate organizer and an advisory board member for The Trouble.

DSA resolution on Red Deal

Resolution to DSA National Convention Atlanta Georgia July 2019.

Amendment #1 on Resolution #34.

“Amendment on the Red Deal and Rejecting a Green Military” by Sofia Arias (NYC), Sydney Ghazarian (Los Angeles), Brian Ward (Madison), Rory Fanning (Chicago), Spenser Rapone (NYC), Joe Allen. (Chicago), Nazir Khan (Twin Cities).

[from Resolution #34] “…Amplify the perspectives & insights of impacted communities through national media platforms…”

As part of this effort, this Convention will endorse the Red Deal, launched by comrades in The Red Nation, a radical anti-capitalist Indigenous liberation group, and its principles on the fight for non-reformist reforms. As described by The Red Nation, “The Red Deal is not a counter program of the GND. It’s a call for action beyond the scope of the US colonial state. It’s a program for Indigenous liberation, life, and land—an affirmation that colonialism and capitalism must be overturned for this planet to be habitable for human and other-than-human relatives to live dignified lives.” At the end of this Convention, the GNDCC will be tasked with initiating a more direct working relationship between DSA and The Red Nation. The GNDCC will make direct connection with The Red Nation, dedicate one person to serve as the main point of contact, and collaborate with the comrades on joint actions, statements and local, national and international campaigns around indigenous liberation and climate justice.


Lead Contacts: Max Belasco, Sydney Ghazarian, Daniel Pope, Francisco Cendejas, Kellen Dane, Kelsey Osborne, Carley Towne, Steve Couch.

The Green New Deal has arrived. Thanks in part to organizational pressure applied by the Sunrise Movement and policy proposals made by DSA member and congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, concerns about climate change and the policies needed to combat it have seized public imagination. In the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were not asked a single debate question about climate change. Now however, Democratic Party presidential candidates face a litmus test as to whether they have a clear vision of how to curb the worst parts of the Earth’s climate catastrophe. Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and others have publicly announced their support of Green New Deal legislation and have enshrined it as a core component of their presidential campaigns.[2]

2019 DSA-LA National Convention Delegates Candidates

DSA-LA has 47 delegate spots available and have received 69 candidate submissions. Due to the large number of candidates and slots, this ballot is using Approval Voting rather than block voting: vote for as many candidates as you feel comfortable representing DSA-LA at the convention. Voting will close on June 15th at 11:59pm. Should delegates be unable to attend the convention for any reason, they will be replaced by delegate alternates in order of votes.

Candidates included Sydney Ghazarian.


March for Science with DSA-LA Climate Justice Committee! — with Ryan Dondero.

Sydney Kat and Ryan Dondero are involved with the Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America Climate Justice Committee.

Green Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America, Green Socialist Caucus members, as of June 28 2017, included Sydney Ghazarian.[3]

Climate Justice Committee, DSA-LA


Climate Justice Committee, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 30, 2017;[4]


Racial Justice Caucus - DSA-LA

Members of the Racial Justice Caucus - Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017 included Sydney Ghazarian .[5]

Socialist-Feminist Caucus, DSA-LA

Members of the Socialist-Feminist Caucus, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America, closed Facebook group, as of August 22, 2017 included Sydney Ghazarian.[6]

Healthcare Committee, DSA-LA

Members of the Healthcare Committee, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 30, 2017 included Sydney Ghazarian .[7]

DSA National Climate & Environmental Justice Working Group FB page

Admins of the DSA National Climate & Environmental Justice Working Group closed FB page, as of August 30, 2017 included Sydney Ghazarian.

DSA National Convention

Los Angeles delegates to Democratic Socialists of America National Convention Chicago.

Kirk Duval August 13, 2017 ·


With Christian Gregory, Willie Waisath, Sydney Kat, Carley Towne, Jon Danforth-Appell, Steve Ducey, Kelsey Goldberg and Arielle Sallai.