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Dr. Sydney Bild

Salute to Harold Washington

On April 6, 1983, the Hyde Park Herald published an endorsement from the Hyde Park/Kenwood Citizens Committee of Democratic Party Chicago mayoral candidate Harold Washington. Signatories to the endorsement included Dr Sydney Bild and Bernice Bild.[1]

Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights

In 1992 Dr Sydney Bild and Bernice Bild were members of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, a long time front for the Communist Party USA, then dominated by members of the newly formed Committees of Correspondence.[2]

Support for peace movement

In 1962 Dr Sydney Bild served[3]on the Advisory Council of the Hyde Park Community Peace Centre, with Sidney Lens and Quentin Young.

"Who Asked You" Election Advertisement

In April 1968, Sydney Bild signed an Advertisement in the Hyde Park-Kenwood Voices as a committee member of an as yet un-named organization led by Ruth Adams, Timuel Black, Rev. E. Spencer Parsons, Al Verri and Rabbi Jacob Weinstein asking the question, "What can you do to get a real choice for president in 1968?"[4]

Citizen Action of Illinois

In 1997 Sydney Bild served on the board of directors of Citizen Action of Illinois.[5]

Chicago Area Friends of SNCC

In 2005 Chicago Area Friends of SNCC organized the "Tell the Story: The Chicago SNCC History Project, 1960-1965" Chicago Area Friends of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Chicago Civil Rights Movement, c. 1960-1965. The event was held October 21-22, 2005 Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois.

Members of the advisory committee included Sydney Bild.[6]


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