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Susie Davtyan is a 23 year old graduate from The Evergreen State College who now works in IT in Cleveland, Ohio. As a new member of the Communist Party USA, Susie quickly took initiative in joining the local club in Cleveland, attending the Conference Against Male Supremacy and Misogyny, and was a key member in organizing the 2018 National Marxist School. Susie’s vision is to create more shareable content for CPUSA in the hopes of connecting more young people along with creating space to talk about the issues that are plaguing this nation and its youth.[1]

Partner of Blake Deppe.

The Specter!

What is The Specter? In this podcast, young organizers and activists of the Communist Party USA explore politics, social justice, and culture through the Marxist lens using scientific research, observation, and participation in working class movements.

Each week brings a race, gender, and class analysis that force a closer look at the dangers of capitalism and the immediate need for socialism. These organic, insightful and powerful conversations are held with comrades, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders.

Presenters include Maicol David Lynch, Susie Davtyan, Aleena Starks, Zach Carlson, Emma Smith, Molly Nagin, Cameron Orr.[2]