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Stephen L. Paulmier

Stephen L. Paulmier is Managing Editor at Kahuina Press, Hilo Hawaii, since 2010.

He is from from Germantown, Pennsylvania, and studied art at Springfield College.

WEB DuBois Clubs of America

In 2014, Stephen L. Paulmier was listed a a friend on the DuBois Clubs Facebook page.[1]

Happy 95th Birthday Sarah Milgram

Charter Member Communist Party USA.

Stephen L. Paulmier was part of a list of names published in People's Weekly World celebrating Milgram's 95th Birthday in 1996.[2]

Cuban 5 connection

In 2002 Stephen Paulmier was a printer, a member of the Graphics Communications International Union and a reader of the People's World in Philadelphia. He wrote an article in People's World on taking his family to meet jaile Cuban 5 member René Gonzalez at the Federal Correctional Institute McKean in Bradford, Pa.[3]

We had learned about the circumstances leading to his imprisonment last summer while we were participating in the Pastors for Peace caravan to end the blockade of Cuba. My sons and I had the honor of hearing Ricardo Alarcon, the president of the Cuban National Assembly, describe the events that led to the brutal and unjust arrest and imprisonment of the five anti-terrorists.
The authorities threw everything they had at these five agents of peace. Their crime was preventing vicious criminals from launching violent terrorist attacks against human targets on the island nation of Cuba. The trial, held in the center of anti-Cuban South Florida, was an exercise by the prosecution in how to prevent the exposure of truth to the jury. The jury itself was threatened in the local newspapers if it dared return a not guilty verdict. Even then, guards and other employees of the court who witnessed the complete trial were shocked at the sham guilty verdict.

Sharing stage with a Cuban spy

June 13, 2002: Oscar Redondo Toledo, an Intelligence Officer serving under diplomatic cover at the Cuban Interests Section, was the featured speaker at a meeting in Philadelphia. Other speakers that night were Pamela Martin of the Philadelphia-Cardenas Sister Cities Project and Stephen Paulmier of the “Free the Five” Committee. While posted to the Interests Section, Redondo handled the “Sister City” program between Havana and Mobile, Alabama. The Mobile-Havana partnership was established in 1993.

In early November 2002, the US declared Redondo and another Cuban spy-diplomat Persona Non Grata. Both officers were First Secretaries at the Cuban Interests Section. According to the Washington Post, the expulsion retaliated for the 16-year career of Cuban spy Ana Montes, who was sentenced in October 2002.[4]

‘Aina Ea Ea

Leftist Hawaiian magazine ‘Aina Ea Ea is published by Stephen L. Paulmier's Hilo based Kahuina Press.

In 2012 personnel were Editor - Moanike'ala Akaka, Editorial Board - Kealoha Pisciotta, Tomas Belsky, Issac Harp, Technical Support - Tammy Harp, Diana Damon, Donald Wessels, Danny Li, Peaches Grove, Stephen L. Paulmier.[5]

Democratic Party Caucus 1st Distrist, Precint 2

In 2012, local Islanders meet to develop suggestions for the Democratic Party platform.


The three are left to right Moanike'ala Akaka, President; Tomas Belsky VP; and Stephen Paulmier treasurer. [6]

Ideological Fightback

Ideological Fightback is the journal of the National Council of Communists, USA.

As of May 2014. Board of Directors (In Formation) consisted of;

USFSP Board of Directors

As of May, 2014, Stephen L. Paulmier served on the Board of the U.S. Friends of the Soviet People.

Editor of Hawaiian cultural magazine; The Hammer, Hawaiian Friends of the Soviet People, Editor, Ideological Fightback magazine.[8]