Socialist Scholars Conference 1998

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The 1998 Socialist Scholars Conference, "A World to Win: From the 'Manifesto' to New Organizing for Socialist Change" was held March 20 to 22, 1998 Borough of Manhattan Community College, 199 Chambers Street NYC.[1]


Speakers included:[2]


A World to Win: New Organizing for Socialist Change

Globalization or Not: Political Consequences for Organizing at the Millennium

One Hundred Fifty Years After t h e Communist Manifesto

Transnational Labor Organizing

Whither Feminism ?: From Roe v. Wade to Lewinsky

The Left Speaks to America: Are WE Listening?

U.S. Popular Culture: Subversive or Sellout?

Panels on Globalization

DSA worked with the Forum of Indian Leftists (FOIL) to sponsor two panels on globalization, economic justice and the MAI. One included speakers from Public Citizen and 50 Years is Enough, focused on the MAI and its potential impact on Southern countries.

The second, which included feminist economist, Radhika Balakrishnan, addressed gender, human rights and globalization, .[4]


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