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Socialism 2011

The ISO Socialism Conference 2011 is a yearly forum where students, radicals, young activists, revolutionary scholars and social justice advocates converge to express and consolidate their views of what they want America to look like in the future and to share ideas and experiences that can help them understand how they can move America and the world towards a more socialistic/Marxist/progressive agenda. The events are sponsored by Center for Economic Research and Social Change and co-sponsored by the International Socialist Organization.[1] Return to the main page of ISO Socialism Conference...

Proposed Speakers

2011 Proposed Featured Speakers:[1]

Finalised Speakers

2011 Finalised Speakers[2]

  • Jason Netek - Lenin and the vanguard party. Chair: Andrea H. (Portland)
  • Sal Rosselli, Ken Riley, and Lee Sustar - Social movement unionism: How will the labor movement be rebuilt? Chair: Dana B. (Berkeley)
  • Sam Farber - Whither Cuba? Chair: Kathleen B. (Phil.)
  • Zakiya Khabir - The fight for LGBT liberation. Chair: Ashley S. (SF)
  • Michael Fiorentino and Abbie Bakan- Israel: Watchdog of imperialism. Chair: Jeff B. (SF)
  • Geoff Bailey - Accumulation by dispossession from Rosa Luxemburg to David Harvey. Chair: Sam B. (Seattle)
  • Diana Macasa - A nation of immigrants: U.S.capitalism and immigrant labor. Chair: Fermin V. (Grand Rapids)
  • Todd Chretien - Marxism and the state. Chair: Laura L. (DC)
  • Matt Swagler - The legacy of colonialism: How imperialism underdeveloped Africa. Chair: Claire D. (SF)
  • Shaun Joseph - The 1979 Iranian Revolution. Chair: Amy S. (Seattle)
  • Rachel Cohen - Raunch culture: The new sexism. Chair: Corrie W. (Chicago)
  • Eric Cobb, Sam Jordan, and Joe Conway - Wisconsin: The end of the one-sided class war. Chair: David R. (SF)
  • Liliana Segura - Incarceration nation. Chair: Cameron S. (Oakland)
  • Elizabeth Terzakis and Adrienne Johnson- Pedagogy and liberation. Chair: Matt B. (SF)
  • Susan JayIs water the new oil? Chair: Brian E. (Rochester)
  • Danny LuciaDo movements need leaders? Chair: Kelly B. (Austin)
  • Ashley SmithMarxism, war, and imperialism. Chair: Amanda G. (Boston)
  • Eric Kerl - Enemies in blue: The police under capitalism. Chair: Emily G. (NYC)
  • Helen Redmond - The “war on drugs”. Chair: Sean P. (NYC)
  • Mario Cardenas and Bekah Ward- The fight for immigrant rights after Arizona. Chair: Victor F. (LA)
  • Jonah Birch- Europe in upheaval:The revolutions of 1848. Chair: Ben S. (Asheville)
  • Ali Abuminah - Palestine and the Arab Spring. Chair: Eric R. (Chicago)
  • Zach Zill, Giovanni Roberto,and Natalia Tylim - The kids aren’t alright:The global youth revolt. Chair: Melissa C. (Santa Cruz)
  • Arun GuptaThe political economy of Doritos: Demystifying the agro-industrial complex. Chair: Dao T. (NYC)
  • Sharon Smith - Mass strikes in U.S. history. Chair: Peter L. (NYC)
  • Rayyan Ghuma, Yusef Khalil,and Mostafa Omar - Imperialism and revolution in Libya, Syria, and beyond. Chair: Phil A. (Atlanta)
  • Aaron Hess - Is Marxism Eurocentric? Chair: Brit S. (Denton)
  • John McDonald- United front vs. popular front:Marxist strategy and tactics. Chair: Laura T. (Houston)
  • Tristin Adie - “Obamacare” vs.single-payer health care. Chair: Jon V.C. (DC)
  • Jesse Zarley - May 1968: The French general strike. Chair: Steve D. (Oakland)
  • Marissa Torres - Palante: The story of the Young Lords. Chair: John C. (Philadelphia)
  • Christine Darosa - The fight for transgender rights. Chair: Cecile V. (San Diego)
  • Ahmed Shawki - The future of the Middle East revolutions. Chair: Hannah F. (NYC)
  • Jason Yanowitz, Paul D’Amato,and Paul Kellogg - Lessons of February 1917:Spontaneity and organization. Chair: Behzad R. (Chicago)
  • Anthony Arnove - Eugene Debs and American Socialism. Chair: Kyla K. (Chicago)
  • Phil Gasper - Marxism and morality. Chair: Joe C. (Gainesville)
  • Jason Farbman - Latin America’s “pink tide”:Are the people in power? Chair: Haley P. (Williamstown)
  • Lee Wengraf - Class and class struggle in Africa, Chair: Michael W. (Burlington)
  • Avery Wear - The myth of “humanitarian intervention”. Chair: Kitty L. (SF)
  • Becca Bor - Do we need to learn to live with less? Chair: Jorge T. (Seattle)
  • Michele Bollinger - Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Sioux struggle for freedom. Chair: Meredith R. (Portland)
  • Beesan Kassab, Ali Abuminah,Glenn Greenwald, Mostafa Omar,and Ahmed Shawki - Revolution and imperialism in the Middle East (Plenary Session)
  • Immanuel Ness - Ours to master and to own: Workers’ control from the Commune to the present. Chair: Alessandro T. (Berkeley)
  • Mostafa Omar and Beesan Kassab- Egypt: The revolution continues. Chair: Jeremy T. (SF)
  • Sid Patel - The political economy of racism. Chair: Denis H. (Rochester)
  • Dana Cloud - Marxism and postmodernism. Chair: Charles P. (Amherst)
  • Liz Clinton - Have women always been oppressed? Chair: Dan R. (Chicago)
  • Petrino DiLeo - Marx’s Capital: Exploitation and surplus value. Chair: Nestor C. (LA)
  • Megan Behrent - Victor Hugo: Literature and revolution in France. Chair: Bob Q. (Chicago)
  • Katie Feyh - Russia’s revolutionary process, 1905–1917. Chair: Jim P. (Chicago)
  • Lichi D’Amelio - The hidden majority: Workers in the U.S. Chair: Nate G. (Chicago)
  • Snehal Shingavi and Adaner Usmani - Class struggles in India and Pakistan. Chair: Alpana M. (Boston)
  • Steve Early and Mike Elk- Civil wars in U.S. labor. Chair: Bekah W. (Atlanta)
  • Chris Williams - Nuclear madness: Why nuclear power is not a “clean” option. Chair: David A. (SF)
  • Scott McLemee - From anarchism to Bolshevism:Victor Serge as conscience of the revolution. Chair: Brian L. (Rochester)
  • Larry Bradshaw - Marxism and the trade unions. Chair: Mer S. (SF)
  • Jen Roesch - Base and superstructure. Chair: Keith R. (Boston)
  • Sarah Knopp - Capitalism and education. Chair: Kelly B. (Austin)
  • Justin Akers-Chacón - Marxism and oppression.Chair: Katie W. (Gainesville) H
  • Ragina Johnson - The Democrats and social movements. Chair: Jon K. (Chicago)
  • Alex Schmaus - Is it enough to “be the change you want to see in the world”? Chair: Courtney C. (NYC)
  • James Illingworth - Black Reconstruction in America. Chair: Jessica L. (Boston)
  • Kyle Brown - The legacy of Stalinism. Chair: Mike I. (Madison)
  • Joel Geier - Marxism and revolution. Chair: John O. (LA)
  • Bill Keach - Marx’s historical materialism. Chair: Alex T. (NYC)
  • Dan Lane and Sharon Smith - The labor wars of the 1990s. Chair: Darrin H. (Seattle)
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor - Out on the street: The housing crisis and the movement against foreclosures. Chair: Cindy K. (LA)
  • Marlene Martin - Martin Luther King Jr.:The last years. Chair: Chuck S. (San Diego)
  • Jeffery Webber - From rebellion to reform in Bolivia. Chair: Julie F. (Chicago)
  • Deborah Goldsmith - Global slump: The mutating crisis of global capitalism. Chair: Dave B. (Burlington)
  • Wael Elasady - How can Palestinian liberation be achieved? Chair: Safia A. (Boston)
  • Adam Sanchez- From the Moral Majority to the Tea Party: Understanding the right in the U.S. Chair: RJ B. (Rochester)
  • Hannah Wolfe - Is human nature a barrier to socialism? Chair: Chris M. (Seattle)
  • Lee Sustar - Crisis and class struggle in the age of austerity. Chair: Carole R. (Chicago)
  • Omar Barghouti - Boycott, divestment,sanctions: The global struggle for Palestinian rights. Chair: Karen D. (Austin)
  • Anand Gopal - Afghanistan:America’s longest war. Chair: Jenna W. (Oakland)
  • Madeline Burrows and Jenny Espino - Abortion without apology:The case for a new movement. Chair: Lucy H. (NYC)
  • Zach Williams, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, and Sarah Pomar - The student movement against budget cuts. Chair: Sarah B. (Madison)
  • Annie Zirin - “That’s not art”: An analysis of modern art. Chair: Anton F. (Boston)
  • Paul LeBlanc - Marxism and political organization. Chair: Sarah L. (Twin Cities)
  • Jen Roesch and Shaun Harkin - The case for joining the ISO. Chair: Jason N.
  • Leia Petty - Consciousness and change:How do workers become “fit to rule”? Chair: Matt K. (Austin)
  • Dennis Kosuth - The Portuguese Revolution, 1974–75. Chair: Naveen J. (New Haven)
  • John Carlos and Dave Zirin - Sports and resistance. Chair: Sarah M. (Chicago)
  • Glenn Greenwald - Civil liberties under Obama. Chair: Amanda M. (SF)
  • Sherry Wolf - The myths of Zionism. Chair: Mike C. (Austin)
  • Joe Allen - People wasn’t made to burn: A story of race and housing in Chicago. Chair: Rigo G. (Chicago)
  • Helen Scott - Rose Luxemburg: A revolutionary life. Chair: Chance L. (Twin Cities)
  • Brian Jones and Rafael Feliciano - Film screening: The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman. Chair: Doniella M. (SF)
  • Elizabeth Schulte - A woman’s place is in the revolution: Class struggle and women’s liberation. Chair: Chelsea M. (Rochester)
  • Paul D’Amato - Lenin’s last struggle:Lenin, Trotsky, and the fight against Stalin. Chair: Julien B. (Champaign)
  • Alan Maass - The politics of International Socialism. Chair: Dan S. (Houston)
  • Kirstin Roberts - Marxism and the future socialist society. Chair: Owen H. (NYC)
  • Khury Peterson-Smith - Racism and inequality today: The state of Black America. Chair: Jay P. (New Haven)
  • Jeff Bale - Lenin, Bukharin, and Luxemburg: The debate on the national question. Chair: Brian B. (Chicago)
  • Hadas Thier - Marx’s Capital: Capitalism and crisis. Chair: Sunshine V. (Roch.)
  • Bridget Broderick - The Mexican Revolution, 1910–1920. Chair: Shane D. (DC)
  • Monique Dols - Is violence ever justified? Chair: Andrew Z. (Champaign)
  • Joe Richard - The Industrial Workers of the World. Chair: Becca L. (Portland)
  • Deepa Kumar - Standing up to Islamophobia. Chair: Mark J. (Gainesville)
  • Brian Jones - Malcolm X: A life of reinvention. Chair: Lily H. (Austin)
  • Keegan O’Brien and Jessica Hansen-Weaver - Capitalism and sexuality. Chair: Steph S. (NYC)
  • Shaun Harkin - Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution. Chair: Yana K. (Chicago)
  • Lance Selfa - Democracy or plutocracy: How corporations rule America. Chair: Orlando S. (Chicago)
  • Léon Crémieux - The rise of the far right in Europe. Chair: Francois L. (NJ)
  • Ashley Smith - Building ISO branches (for new members. Chair: Joanne W. (NJ)
  • Mark Clements and Leela Yellesetty - Challenging the new “Jim Crow”. Chair: Mike S. (DC)
  • Leighton Christiansen - Sitdown! The rise of the CIO. Chair: Tony P. (San Diego)
  • Jesse Hagopian - The betrayal of Haiti. Chair: Edna B. (NYC)
  • Sam Jordan and Sharon Smith - The future in the present: Building revolutionary organization


Over 100 topics will be covered at the conference including:[1]

  • Capitalism, Climate Change and the Future of Humanity
  • Obama and Black Politics
  • Is a Second Recession Coming?
  • Breaking the Siege of Gaza
  • Is Human Nature a Barrier to Socialism?
  • The ABC's of Marxism


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