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Sidney J. Socolar

5th Amendment "communist"

"The field of scientific research is vital to the Armed Forces, yet the subcommittee discovered these significant examples of penetration in this field among those who invoked the fifth amendment, (on Communist Party USA membership) claiming the privilege against self-incrimination":[1]

"The field of scientific research is vital to the Armed Forces, yet the subcommittee discovered these significant examples of penetration in this field among those who invoked the fifth amendment, (on Communist Party USA membership) claiming the privilege against self-incrimination":

  • Morris U. Cohen worked as a physicist for the Technical Research Laboratories, which did contract work for the Armed Forces (Education hearings, pp. 997-998).
  • Herman Landau, an associate professor at the University of Chicago, worked on ordnance research for the War Department while at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds between 1941 and 1948 (Education, p. 1080).
  • Sidney J. Socolar, also of the University of Chicago, had access to classified information in connection with his studies of heat radiation (Education, p. 1097).
  • Ralph Spitzer, of the University of Kansas City, was connected with the scientific research development program of the Defense Department with particular reference to the nature of the shock wave and of various phenomena connected with underwater explosives (Education, p: 1124).
  • Joseph Steigman, of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, worked on a Navy research project investigating the analytical chemistry of niobium and tantalum (Education, p. 1004).

Supported striking students

Twenty University of Chicago campus leaders met in April 1949, to demonstrate their support of the striking students at the City Collage of New York. The strike was called by the CCNY Student Government to protest alleged discriminatory activities on the part of two faculty members. It was further provoked by the action of the city police force in breaking the student picket lines and arresting several of the student pickets. The meeting adopted a resolution endorsing the strike.

Those Signing the statement were:[2]

Plus the University chapters of,

DSA school

In 1991, the NYC Democratic Socialists of America's School for Democratic Socialism "explored the health care crisis and socialist alternatives" with Oliver Fein, Ronda Kotelchuk, Sid Socolar and Linnea Capps.[3]

Public Health association

In 2009 Sidney J. Socolar, PhD, served on the Public Policy and Legislation Committee, Public Health Association of New York City, New York, NY.[4]

Left Forum 2009

Health Care Reform: Building Left Unity is Critical:

Defeating the Persistent Assaults on Social Insurance:

Resisting GOP Budget Cuts

In July 2011, a "diverse coalition of more than 60 human service, community, senior, labor, economic policy and peace organizations has sent a joint letter to the NYC congressional delegation urging them to provide a strong and clear national voice to protect the country's social contract in the debate over the debt ceiling and the federal budget".

“The dynamic in Washington is not rooted in economic realities and is destructively geared to further the political agenda of those who think they benefit from a wrecked economy. The American people know better. New York’s leaders in Washington need to help steer the focus back to the common good. Fostering the full employment of American workers is the surest way to bring down the deficit over time,” said Sid Socolar of Rekindling Reform.

Groups signing the letter include Center for Independence of the Disabled - New York, Citizen Action of New York City, Children’s Defense Fund – New York, Citizens'Committee for Children of New York, Communications Workers of America, District 1, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Fiscal Policy Institute, Human Services Council, Hunger Action Network of NYS, Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, New York State Alliance for Retired Americans, Peace Action (NY), Rekindling Reform, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 34, and VOCAL NY.

The letter stated:

We should reduce the deficit over time through a balanced approach that includes equitable increases in revenue and thoughtful reductions in expenditures that do not serve the public interest, including wasteful military spending that does not add to our security. Congress should focus on the policies that will hasten the economic recovery and build a strong foundation for our shared future.

The coalition letter strongly urges the city’s congressional delegation to preserve indispensable safety net and investment programs.

“The President’s call for raising revenues in the years ahead by closing corporate tax loopholes and restoring some equity to the personal income tax structure is eminently reasonable. The well-to-do who have reaped the lion’s share of economic gains—in New York City the richest one percent have 44 percent of all income, up from about 10 percent in 1980—should step to the fore. It just makes good economic, political and moral sense,” said Mark Dunlea, Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network.

The letter concluded: “We cannot leave so many with so little means to participate in our economy and expect the nation to be able to move forward.”[6]

Steering committee Rekindling Reform

As of July 2011, Sid Socolar served on the steering committee of Rekindling Reform;[7]


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