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Shannon Sorhaindo is a New York City activist.

YDS of WPUNJ Facebook group

Members of the Young Democratic Socialists of WPUNJ closed Facebook group, accessed September 3, 2017, included Shannon Sorhaindo.[1]

Convention delegate

Shannon Sorhaindo was a New York Democratic Socialists of America delegate to the DSA 2015 national Convention.[2]

NYC DSA leader

In 2015, Paul Bedard, Frank Llewellyn, Shannon Sorhaindo, Rahel Biru, Jeevan D'souza were members of the New York City Democratic Socialists of America steering committee.[3] ·

DSA Disability Caucus/Working Group

Members of the DSA Disability Caucus/Working Group, closed Facebook group. as of July 16, 2017 included Shannon Sorhaindo .[4]

DSA Women's Caucus Facebook group

Members of the DSA Women's Caucus closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017 included Shannon Sorhaindo .[5]