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Shane Brinton

Shane C. Brinton has been a grassroots community organizer ever since he was a teenager in Arcata, Northern California. He has been involved with The Placebo, Democracy Unlimited, the Tenants Union of Humboldt County, the Redwood Peace & Justice Center, Food Not Bombs, and a number of other organizations and causes. He has also managed the campaigns of local progressive candidates.[1]

In 2015 he has been Senior Organizer at SEIU Local 2015 Arcata, California.

In 2016 he was a Labor Representative at California Nurses Association, living in Sacramento, California.

YCL leader

In 2004 Shane C. Brinton, Arcata, served on the National Council, Young Communist League USA. [2]

Dynamic Collective 2005

In 2005, the Collective running the Young Communist League magazine Dynamic, consisted of Shane Brinton, Cesar Casamayor, Melissa Chadburn, Julia Donahue, Maya Funaro, Cristina Gallo, Abdul-Aziz Hassan, Molly Kelley, Tony Pecinovsky, Kristy Ringor, Brandon Slattery, Mike Tyner, Keren Wheeler.[3]

Supporting John Bowman

Shane Brinton, then a member of the Young Communist League USA National Council wrote in 2005;[4]

I spent last summer in Missouri with the CP and YCL working on electoral politics. We knocked on hundreds of doors and got a black socialist progressive (John L. Bowman) elected as a state rep. He ran as a progressive Democrat against a white right-wing anti-choice Democrat that was backed by the Republicans.

Communist Party

Shane Brinton wrote[5]on the Marxism Mailing List in July 2005;

I would argue that the split has roots back in the earlier Browder Vs. Foster controversy. Browder wanted to dissolve the party and create an organization that would give permanent support to Democrats, whereas Foster, despite his flaws, was a genuine working-class organizer that saw the need for an independent Communist Party.
The COC people took a similar line, while Gus Hall held that the party had an important roll to play in the struggle for Socialism USA.
I see the same thing happening today. While the CPUSA has a basically correct strategy, it is being pushed to the right by people who want to see an alliance with the Democrats as a permanent part of the path to Socialism, while others (like myself) see it as a temporary strategic necessity designed to combat the rise of the ultra-right.


In 2005 Shane Brinton was a US delegate to the World Festival of Youth and Students in Venezuela, with 15,000 other young people.[6]

"Unwavering principles"

In 2008, Humboldt County Communist Alliance leader Michael Langdon mentioned Shane Brinton's name wistfully to me when asked how many young people are members of the Party. The 21-year-old is the youngest person ever to sit on the Northern Humboldt Union High School District (NHUHSD) School Board. He was also once a member of the Young Communist League USA . Not anymore.

Langdon showed a 2004 copy of Dynamic,the magazine of the Young Communist League. At the time, Brinton still served on the editorial committee and a fiery anti-war speech he'd delivered at a peace demonstration in Eureka earlier that year is featured in the issue. Except for in one paragraph when he rails against corporate America, urging workers to rise up against their bosses saying, "It is [the CEO's] employees, the rank and file workers, who actually produce the products and provide services that the CEO profits from," the speech seems to fall more into one of Meyer's categories of radically anti-war rather than radically communist.

Perhaps that explains why Brinton has since moved on to the Democratic Party. Still, Langdon spoke of the young man with hope. Regardless of his change of party affiliation, Langdon seemed to imply that Brinton's strong principles remain unwavering.[7]

Democratic Party "Progressive Slate"

All of the candidates who ran on the Progressive Slate, in the 2012 California Democratic Party AD Delegate Elections, were elected! These newly elected CDP AD Delegates will represent us on the Democratic Party State Central Committee.

AD 2 Joe Louis Wildman (E-Board), Lasara Allen, Phil Baldwin, Caroline Banuelos, Shane Brinton, Susan Brinton, Kathryn Donahue, Phil Harlan, Kenny Jowers, Maggi Koren, Mel Kreb.

AD 10 Mayme Hubert (E-Board), Nick Carlin, Ruth Carter, Alice Chan, Jason Davies, Maureen De Nieva, Elizabeth Escalante, Paul Fenn, Blake Hooper, Ken Jones, Dan Mullen, Donna Norton.[8]


Circa 2013, Shane Brinton served on the CA Democratic Central Committee.

Mayor of Arcata

In 2013 Shane Brinton was mayor of Arcata.

Sacramento DSA

In 2016 Shane Brinton was a member of Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America. He signed the Give The People What They Want: DSA Members on 2016 and Beyond letter.[9]

Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento March 28, 2017;

Solidarity with those facing deportation and to all those who stood up to Scott Jones and Thomas Homan's xenophobia. Resiste! — with Shane Brinton, Hannah Williams and Andee Johanna Sunderland.

DSA Healthcare Rally


Phillip Kim with Shane Brinton and David Roddy, Jonah Paul, .Annabel Vera, Shirley Toy, Ellen Mack, April Ford, Mel Ody, David Hildebrand, Alyssa De La Rosa, Ian Lee, Andee Sunderland, Eric Sunderland, Sandra Delgadillo Kearns, Russell Rawlings.

April 11 2017· Sacramento, CA ·

Mark your calendar for Wed. April 26, 11am! Sacramento Rally & Senate Health Cmte Hearing-SB 562's 1st Vote! If you support single payer / healthcare for all, we need hundreds of people there to make sure that the Senate Health Committee votes in favor of SB.[10]



Jacobin Reading Group Sacramento closed Facebook group, accessed December 1, 2017.[11]


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