Sergio Sosa

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Sergio Sosa

Sergio Sosa, a Guatemalan migrant who now directs Omaha's Heartland Workers Center, says, according to David Bacon: "People from Europe and the U.S. crossed our borders to come to Guatemala, and took over our land and economy. Migration is a form of fighting back. Now it's our turn to cross borders." [1]


Sosa is the founder and Executive director of the Heartland Workers Center. He studied Philosophy and Theology from the University Rafael Landivar and The National Seminary of the Assumption in Guatemala. Throughout his 30-year career as an organizer and Executive Director, Sergio has received various recognitions including, the Hispanic/Latino on the Month Award from the Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department, the Barrientos Scholarship Foundation Award for Community Service, the Community Leader of the Year recognition from the Nebraska Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Defender of the Bill of Rights from the ACLU of Nebraska and the Good Apple Award from Nebraska Appleseed. Sergio is from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. He is married with two teenage children.[2]

Sosa worked as an organizer for Omaha Together One Community and for the Industrial Areas Foundation, where he was responsible for identifying and training leaders. Sergio was responsible for organizing unions in four meatpacking plants, collaborating with the United Food and Commercial Workers In ternational Union. He developed the Latino Soccer League for the purpose of organizing workers’ comm ittees and is one of the original founders of the transnational organization, IXIM: Spirit of Solidarity. IXIM is composed of Guatemalans living in Omaha, with most member s hailing from Huehuetenango state.[3]