Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal

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Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal was issued by Science for the People circa early 2019.


The call for a Green New Deal put forward by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offers an opportunity to create transformative solutions to the interrelated crises of climate change, racism, xenophobia, and declining living standards.

Today, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a movement that can make this transformative vision a reality. We need you to sign up today to help us.

As the Green New Deal becomes part of the mainstream political discussion, there will be pressure to water it down, and to prioritize its most problematic elements over those that “require elected representatives to think outside of the normally accepted economic, social, industrial, and commercial parameters” (CJA).

The People’s Green New Deal campaign will fight to maintain the radical, popular promise at the heart of the GND proposal from Ocasio-Cortez and the Sunrise Movement and to strengthen the proposal through democratic input:

We promote solutions and struggles that educate, organize, mobilize, and directly empower working class people, Indigenous Peoples, historically oppressed communities, and migrants displaced by climate disaster, in their everyday lives.

We aim to collaborate with all of those who have developed the core ideas of the Green New Deal over the years and decades, particularly to ensure we understand the role of militarism in the climate crisis, and to fight for globally just solutions.

We stand with frontline communities demanding equitable solutions to the climate crisis, so that no member of our society will be forgotten or unjustly bear the costs of climate change.

We stand with trade unions demanding a Just Transition and the creation of millions of green jobs, so that all people may be able to support their families with dignity.

We call for a transformation of the economy which redistributes resources from those who led us into this crisis in the first place.

We will act to ensure the Green New Deal’s social, industrial, and economic transitions elevate the voices of workers, people of color, Indigenous Peoples, women, and migrants. We will lend our technical expertise to supporting solutions that are driven and controlled by these communities.

Addressing climate change is not only an urgent moral and ecological imperative. It is something that, if done right, can vastly improve the lives of millions, re-orient our society around values of solidarity, justice, and equality, and build a much more democratic world.

Join us today.

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