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Sara Mead


As a Senior Research Fellow until early 2010, at the New America Foundation, Sara Mead conducted research and writes about early childhood and elementary and secondary education, with a particular focus on state and federal policy issues including preschool, PreK-3rd education reform, the No Child Left Behind Act, federal education funding, charter schools and public school choice. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today, and she has appeared on CBS and ABC News and on NPR. Before joining New America, Ms. Mead was a senior policy analyst with Education Sector. She has also worked for the Progressive Policy Institute, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Gore 2000 presidential campaign. Ms. Mead serves on the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board, which authorizes charter schools in the District of Columbia and holds them accountable for results, and on the board of Democrats for Education Reform. The daughter, granddaughter, and sister of public school educators, she holds a bachelor's degree in public policy from Vanderbilt University.


Sara Mead, of the New America Foundation, was an identified member of JournoList - an email group of approximately 400 "progressive" and socialist journalists, academics and "new media" activists.

JournoList members reportedly coordinated their messages in favor of Barack Obama and the Democrats, and against Sarah Palin and the Republican Party. JournoList was founded in 2007 and was closed down in early 2010.[1]


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