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Template:TOCnestleft Sara Habbo is a Michigan activist.

DSA member - lost


Democratic Socialists of America member Sara Habbo lost her bid 2019 bid.[1]

DSA endorsement

Sara Habbo for Southfield City Council July 15 2019·


The Greater Detroit DSA has endorsed our campaign!

This is the organization working hard to get Medicare for All. They have been organizing around and with our teachers and public schools. They have been demanding that everyone, including billionaires, pay their fair share of taxes.

We are excited to work with the DSA to make our communities stronger and ensure that governments work for the people.

At the Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America July 2019 meeting members and voted to endorse five candidates running in city council races: Brian Stawowy, Nada Daher and Kat Brunner James, vying for seats in Ferndale, Sara Habbo in Southfield, and Mike McDermott in Westland.

Sara Habbo spoke about the need for involving more young people in local politics and how she expected to do that. She is an attorney and a girls soccer coach who has attended many protests as a legal observer.[2]