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Sandra Lindberg is an activist in Bloomington, Illinois. She is a member of Solidarity’s Ecosocialism Working Group and a member of System Change Not Climate Change.[1]

She took early retirement from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2013 where she had been an Associate Professor of Theatre Arts for 15 years. A first-generation US citizen with parents who emigrated from Sweden in 1954, Sandra has long thought of herself as a socialist, as did her parents. Activist work focuses on anti-nuclear efforts, anti-fracking efforts, as well as actions that develop a sense of how environmentalism and social justice issues are intertwined. Having recently read Maroon the Implacable, by Russell Maroon Shoatz, she tells us: “I am energized by the development of his thinking. As Maroon suggests, I now try to do one thing every day that makes me uncomfortable or is unfamiliar—good advice!”

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Old and New Project supporters

Old and New Project supporters, circa 2015, Kali Akuno, Pete Dolack, Ezra Engel-Di Mauro, Daniel Doyle, Mike Frank, David Keil, Sandra Lindberg, Matt Meyer, Lee Miscere, Bryan Olamo, Linda Thompson, Takuma Umoja, Rene Valdez, Gene Warren, Jr..[2] .[3]