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Roseberg spy case and supporting fronts

The main site for the National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell, and its successor the National Committee to Re-Open The Rosenberg Case is found at the page for the National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell". This page was created to house the information from one very large CPUSA front ad by the National Committee to Re-Open the Rosenberg Case, Morton Sobell having been thrown to the wind in terms of being a fundraising name for the Communist Party. They did keep proclaiming his innocence until he got out of jail and admitted that he had been a Soviet spy all along. With the opening of the Venona papers, the CPUSA basically dropped their Rosenberg fronts activities, with many of their original members having passed away.


The Rosenberg spy case was of the most sensational Soviet espionage cases was that of Julius Rosenberg and his wife, Ethel Rosenberg, along with other members of the family/by marriage. Their activities took place during WW2 and involved secrets concerning the building of the first atomic bomb in history.

Both during and after the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell were convicted of atomic espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party USA created several support fronts claiming that they were the victims of a "witchhunt" against liberals and communists and that they were totally innocent. These fronts were used to raise money for their "defense", but according to former CPUSA member Herb Romerstein, then U.S. Government internal security investigator, most of the money went directly to the Party coffers.

The Party did give them top communist and CP sympathizer lawyers, including such attorneys as:

After the conviction, other CPUSA fronts were created to "clear" the Rosenbergs and Sobell of their convictions for espionage and treason. One was entitled the National Committee to Re-Open the Rosenberg Case, 250 West 57th Street, Room 606, New York, New York, 10019, (212) 265-0918, Margery Rosenthal, Director[1].

Communist Party Rosenberg/Sobell Front Ads

They placed a large ad in the New York Times newspaper of Wed., June 18, 1975, p. 50, entitled "What Are They Afraid Of"? with a theme of "Open The Files of the Rosenberg Case!"

The full text of this ad will appear below, along with the names of the original signers of this ad, plus "sponsors" from the US and Canada, some several hundred names, many of whom in both lists, were open or congressionally identified members of the CPUSA and their well-documents sympathizers. Documentation on their true identities, from sworn congressional testimonies to both open and covert Party documents and newspapers, will be cited whenever possible (over time due to the large number of people involved).

Just because a name appears in this ad does not mean that they are either a CPUSA member or sympathizer. However, a number of dupes are always available to sign CPUSA ads or to join their protests over something, and their names can appear over and over again in other items here at KW. What is interesting is that a number of core members of the "Hanoi Lobby" including Jane Fonda. Anne Braden, A. Bloom aka Abraham Bloom, Howard Zinn, Sidney Lens, Pete Seeger and Noam Chomsky signed this and other ads on behalf of the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell over time.

One reason these names are being listed is because this may be the only open database on Communist Party fronts and activities that will list them for the public to see, and to help historians/researchers of Communism get a better idea of what the CPUSA was doing in many areas of American life. While some of the listees will turn out not to be CPUSA members or even sympathizes, from a review of the complete list, it was evident that the CPUSA and its supporters tapped into their membership, their mailing lists, fronts mailing lists, and sympathetic organizations for "sponsors".

Also, some of these names may show up in somewhat obscure publications such as the "Elector" roles of people who pledged to support the CPUSA in the listed elections, esp. those from 1936, 1940 and possibly 1942, which were published by the U.S. Government. It looks like the wives of CPUSA members and known sympathizers are also listed due to their unusual names being recognized by KW researchers. There is also the possibility that some names are the children of CPUSA members and veteran sympathizers. However, trying to track them all down for verification would take years so people interested in those listed below will have to search elsewhere, so as "Who's Who", obituaries (a great place to find family trees), books by and about these people, and newspaper articles.

TEXT OF AD:"What Are They Afraid Of" Witness the Pentagon Papers. Watergate. Secret tapes that undid Nixon. 2 Attorneys General convicted. FBI Head ousted. Investigation of the CIA on charges of illegalities. Dirty tricks and dirty tricksters.

"What Are They Afraid Of?"

"Each new shock wave of duplicity in high places makes it imperative that we look vigorously and fearlessly into the most controversial case of the McCarthy Ear and the Cold War - The Rosenberg-Sobell case."

"When the Soviet Union exploded the A-bomb in 1949, the advocates of the Cold War began a frantic hunt to find scapegoats who could be blamed. Ethel & Julius Rosenberg were executed on June 19, 1953 on a charge of conspiracy to commit espionage. Despite serious questions as to the legality of the procedures in the trial and the dubious validity of the evidence, and despite worldwide appeals for clemency, they were convicted and died in the electric chair, maintaining their innocence to the end. Today, Michael Meeropol and Robert Meeropol, the sons of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, are trying to clear their parents' names."

"Commencing long before the execution and mounting steadily throughout the years, a body of evidence has grown to support the position of those asserting that the case was riddled with perjury and falsification of evidence by officials in government trying to feed the Cold War, exploit the hysteria and frighten dissenters. Yet as Justice Hugo Black observed on the eve of the Rosenbergs' execution, the Supreme Court 'never reviewed this (trial) record and never affirmed the fairness of this trial'."

"We the undersigned, believing our country should now confront this cornerstone case, related in a fundamental way to what government does with power, call for:"

"1. FULL DISCLOSURE under the Freedom of Information Act of all material pertaining to the Rosenberg case in the files of the FBI, CIA, AEC, White House, and Departments of Justice, State, and Defense. Recent disclosures have already pointed dramatically to new avenues of inquiry. Meanwhile, steps must be taken to prevent any more Rosenberg files from being 'lost,' as the FBI has claimed." "2. FULL INVESTIGATION by an appropriate arm of Congress as to why the government agencies have not complied with the Freedom of Information Act, why the agencies have refused to release ALL the Rosenberg files, and why 'national security' continues to be used as an excuse for government non-compliance with the law and refusal to let Americans know the truth."

"OPEN THE FILES OF THE ROSENBERG CASE!" (Subtitle with names of signers; different than one that followed with names of "sponsors" of the ad. Full identifications added by KW)

  • Jane Alexander - actress
  • Dr. Emily Alman - Douglass College - An Emily Alman was the Treasurer of the NCSJR&MS, Executive Secretary of the New York Committee, and wife of the Rosenberg Committee's Executive Secretary, David Alman, a go-to-man for the Party and their fronts (p.. 21-23 of the Rosenberg Hearings, Part 2.
  • Dennis J. Banks - American Indian Movement (AIM). Hardcore leftist and violent Indian radical. Supported some major CPUSA fronts such as NAARPR. For greater details on who he was see the (SISS) hearing on the AIM from April 6, 1976 "Revolutionary Activities Within the United States: The American Indian Movement", Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS), Senate Judiciary Committee, April 6, 1979
  • Clive Barnes - writer
  • Norma C. Barth - Human Rights Commissioner, Detroit
  • Rev. Harold J. Bass - Tacoma, Washington
  • Gary Bellow - Harvard Law School
  • Eric Bentley - writer
  • Leonard Bernstein - composer; secret onetime member of the CPUSA; supporter of the criminal/Marxist Black Panther Party (BPP)
  • Walter Bernstein - writer; identified CPUSA Hollywood member. For more about his role in Hollywood see "Hollywood Traitors: Blacklisted Screenwriters, Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler", by Alan H. Ryskind, Regnery History, 2015. He is the son of famous Hollywood writer [[Morrie Ryskind} (Marx Brothers movies, etc). Morrie Ryskind was on of the top leaders of the anti-communist movement in Hollywood during the 1930's when the Stalinist CPUSA attempted to seize control or dominant influence over what was written.
  • Leonard B. Boudin - attorney. One of the CPUSA's top legal defenders of all time. He was identified as a secret member of the CPUSA in a 1950's hearing on the State Department and Passports, cited elsewhere in KW. He was also the father of Weather Underground Organization Weathermen (WUO) leader Kathy Boudin, who is serving a life sentence complicity in the murder of two policemen and an armored car driver in the Nyack, New York robbery of 1981.
  • Rabbi Balfour Brickner - Union American Hebrew Congregation - Brickner was a hardcore leftist with an affinity for supporting convicted Soviet spies and giving financial support to identified Soviet KGB operative Wilfred Burchett, among other causes.
  • Susan Brownmiller - writer
  • Dr. Phyllis Chesler - writer. A leading feminist of the 1970's and 80's who later turned against the Marxist left for their anti-Semitism and hatred of America.
  • Noam Chomsky - MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor. Hardcore Marxist since at least 1970. Extremely anti-America and anti-US.
  • Rev. Peter Hans Christiansen - Los Angeles. Supporter of far-left fronts and causes
  • Rubin G. Cohn- prof. of Law, University of Illinois
  • Barry Commoner - Washington University St. Louis. Leftist who ran for President on the Marxist Peoples' Party ticket along with Benjamin Spock
  • Dr. Giovani Costigan - University of Washington. Supporter of the CPUSA's front the "National Committee to Abolish the House UnAmerican Activities Committee", its later successor in 1969, NCAHISC (House Internal Security Committee) and its latest successor, the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL).
  • Vern Countryman - Harvard Law School - veteran leftist and college of identified CPUSA member, legal supporter, Prof. Thomas I. Emerson. Emerson was reportedly a law professor of Hillary Clinton.
  • Ephraim Cross - City University of New York (CUNY). Supporter of CPUSA legal fronts and causes
  • Sarah Cunningham - actress; id. CPUSA member. Wife of top CPUSA leader in Hollywood among the actors, John Randolph
  • Angela Y. Davis - activist. Leader of the CPUSA and once their presidential candidate
  • Ossie Davis - actor. One of the CPUSA's top supporters in the entertainment industry, along with his wife Ruby Dee. Davis' ideological allegiance to the Soviet Union appeared in an article he wrote for the CP's publication "New World Review (NWR), Fall, 1967, ""50 years of the USSR: November 7, 1917 -- November 7, 1967. his one page piece was entitled "A Black Man's Salute" which contained the line "And so it is natural that today black men should salute that country (i.e., Soviet Union)and that people who fifty years ago turned their backs on the past and struck out boldly to build a wholly different kind of society." This was written just one year before the Soviet Bloc re-invaded Czechoslovakia.
  • Karen DeCrow - president, NOW National Organization of Women (NOW). Supporter of various Marxist fronts and causes.
  • Ernest DeMaio Permanent Representative of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) to the UN. A long-time identified member of the CPUSA in labor whose brother was reportedly an MKVD enforcer/assassin in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Ref. "Heroic Victims: Stalin's Foreign Legion in the Spanish Civil War", Herbert Romerstein, 1994, Council for the Defense of Freedom publication. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 94-72172. Unknown where copies can be obtained.
  • Anne Eaton - activist. Either a relative of the pro-Soviet industrialist [[Cyrus Eaton} or a relative of an AFSC member on the ship to Hanoi, the Phoenix.
  • Thomas I. Emerson - Yale Law School - Identified member of the CPUSA and one of their top legal leaders in their various fronts who filed lawsuits against U.S. internal security agencies. Reportedly a law professor of Hillary Clinton.
  • Edward Ericson - N.Y. Society for Ethical Culture - a longtime supporter of CPUSA fronts and causes
  • Jules Feiffer - cartoonist. Has a long history of supporter various Marxist parties fronts and causes, often taking a "First Amendment" stance similar to noted writer Nat Hentoff who has a similar record of such activities.
  • Abraham Feinglass - V.P, Amalgamated Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmens' Union (AFLCIO). One of the CP's key and longest labor leaders, since at least the 1930's according to FBI reports found at the National Archives. Also an International VP of the Soviet/KGB "peace" front, the World Peace Council.
  • Frances Fitzgerald - writer. Leftist writer who wan a Pulitzer Prize for her biased book on Vietnam, "Fire on the Lake". She came from a rich liberal family but ended up being the most radical of them all.
  • Henry Fonda - actor. Outspoken liberal who largely stayed away from CPUSA fronts and causes, despite the activities of his daughter Jane Fonda
  • Jane Fonda - actress & activist. Known as "Hanoi Jane" for her radio broadcasts and photos in North Vietnam, Fonda amassed a significant record of support for various communist fronts and causes in the 1970's and 80's, including support for identified KGB agent Wilfred Burchett.
  • Eugene D. Genovese - University of Rochester, formerly Rutgers University. Once a hardcore Marxist who openly wished for a Viet Cong victory in Vietnam. He later renounced his Marxist views and activities and became more conservative.
  • Elmer Gertz - Attorney (An Elmer Gertz appears in the Index to all the Appendix IX volumes, at P. 302. CHECK ON THIS).
  • Jack Gilford - actor. Identified member of the CPUSA and hardcore supporter during his adult life.
  • Allen Ginsberg - poet. As much a drug-user as he was a leftwing activist. Faded out during the late 70's.
  • Lois Gould - writer
  • Lee Grant - actress. Admitted former member of the CPUSA in California. Remained hostile to the FBI and congressional committees.
  • Arlo Guthrie - folksinger. Son of the late famous folksinger and CPUSA member Woody Guthrie. Somewhat active in leftwing causes and CPUSA fronts.
  • Robert L. Heilbroner - New School for Social Research. One of a group of leftwing economists which included a number of Marxists.
  • Alger Hiss - former State Department official. Identified CPUSA member and Soviet spy for the Soviet GRU. Went to jail for perjury, i.e., lying to a congressional committee about his relationship with admitted Soviet spy Whittaker Chambers. (Best sources are "Witness", by Chambers, "Perjury" by Alan Weinstein, and some of the writings of former "red diaper baby" historian Ron Radosh.
  • Rabbi Philip Horowitz - Cleveland
  • H. Stuart Hughes - Harvard University - leftwing historian
  • Anne Jackson - actress. Identified member of the CPUSA and wife of another identified CPUSA member, actor Jack Gilford
  • Mary M. Kaufman - former U.S. prosecutor Nuremberg Trials. Long-time supporter of CPUSA fronts and causes, esp. legal ones. The [{Daily World]], Dec. 31, 1974, p. 3 carried as description of Kaufman, who spoke at the CP's "celebration of Dr. James Jackson's 60th birthday and in honor of his 40 years work in the Communist movement." Kaufman was "a U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, who drew the audiences attention to the appropriateness of the tribute to Jackson as a public testimonial to the failure of McCarthyism. Ms. Kaufman defended Jackson during the Smith Act trials of the 1950's."

Kaufman was also a "Sponsor" of the "60th birthday celebration of James E. Jackson", a key CPUSA leader, according to their newspaper the Daily World, Dec. 28, 1974,p. 11 ad.

  • Florence R. Kennedy - Esq, activist. Hardcore far-left activist including in some CPUSA fronts and causes
  • Arthur Kinoy - [Rutgers University Law School]]. Perhaps in the top five CPUSA/fronts Marxist attorneys. A brilliant attorney and rabble-rouser, Kinoy supported both CPUSA and SWP fronts and causes, legal organizations (NLG, NECLC, CCR), and tried to create his own Marxist organization in the late 1970's known as NCIPA National Committee for Independent Political Action (NCIPA).
  • Robert Klein - entertainer. Liberal activist
  • Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld - Cleveland. One of the leading Jewish Reform rabbis in America and a perfect dupe for communist and other far-left fronts and causes.
  • Sidney Lens - Local 329, Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Veteran Marxist labor organizer and one of the brains behind the CPUSA-dominated anti-Vietnam protest organizations known as the "Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam" (Spring, National and New Mobes). Co-wrote a smear book entitled "Anatomy of Anti-Communism" for the far-left American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Peace Education Division, 1969.
  • Tom Levin - PhD, founder Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR), along with Dr. Quentin Young, a longtime identified member of the CPUSA and Pres. Obama's personal physician for many years.
  • David Levine - artist
  • Karl Paul Link - Prof. of Biology Emeritus, University of Wisconsin
  • Henry Linschitz - Brandeis University
  • Rabbi Eugene J. Lipman - Wash. D.C. A reform rabbi who was a moderate liberal.
  • Rabbi Charles O. Lippman - Pearl River, N.Y.
  • David Livingston - pres., District 65. A longtime member of the CPUSA, he was essentially ousted from his labor position due to the internal anti-Semitism of the Party. Written about in "The Theory and Practice of Communism - In Labor", HISC, 1972 (CHECK ON CITATION).
  • Salvador E. Luria - Nobel Laureate, Biology, MIT. Hardcore communist sympathizer and supporter of many CPUSA fronts and causes.
  • Donal E. J. MacNamara - Prof. of Criminology and Corrections, City University of New York (CUNY)
  • Norman Mailer - writer. Described by his former wife as an admitted "Marxist", Mailer supported a number of far-left causes including funding the Communist/Castroite/Hanoi Lobby dominated Organizing Committee for the 5th Estate (OC5), was a fervent supporter of the "conspiracy" theory of Pres. Kennedy's death (he was drunk as a skunk at the 1973/74 JFK Assassination conference held at Georgetown University. He slurred his speech so much that almost no one in the audience or on the stage could understand what he said. He nearly fell off his chair on more than one occasion.)
  • Victor Marchetti - writer, former CIA agent. One of the intelligence community's "turncoats", Marchetti liked to write "exposes" for publication such as Playboy or Hustler, wrote an anti-CIA book, and was associated with OC5 and/or its' successor, Cuban DGI agent and avowed Marxist Phillip Agee's "Counterspy" publication and the Covert Action Information Bulletin (CAIB) [FILL IN DETAILS. Others can be found at KW through the bluelink to Agee's name, OC5 and "Counterspy"}.
  • Michael Meeropol - son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Hardcore Marxist who defended his parents against charges of being Soviet spies even when the evidence became overwhelming. He and his brother Robert were the fronters for the CPUSA's varied "Rosenberg/Sobell" committees.
  • Robert Meeropol - the other son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. A leftist but did basically concede that the evidence against his parents as Soviet spies was overwhelming, especially with the release of the Venona Papers in the mid-1990's. Also participated in CPUSA "Rosenberg" front groups.
  • Kate Miller - leftist feminist writer
  • Michael P. Moffitt - Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), Wash. D.C. Hardcore leftist whose wife Ronni Karpen Moffitt was also killed in the 1976 DC car bombing that killed Cuban DGI agent and former Ambassador to the U.S. Orlando Letelier. Details about all three's communist activities, as well as about the car bombing, can be found in S. Steen Powell's masterful book "[Covert Cadre]]: Inside the Institute for Policy Studies, Green Hill, 1987.
  • Philip Morrison - Professor of Physics, MIT. Admitted once longtime member of the CPUSA. He remained a hardcore leftist for the rest of his left and supported CPUSA fronts and causes.
  • Holly Near - folksinger. Avowed Marxist and close friend/activist with Jane Fonda in the Hanoi Lobby, among other communist fronts and causes. Denied being able to sing in Communist Cuba because she was an open lesbian.
  • Carol Joyce Oates - writer. Left-Liberal Chic supporter of far-left fronts and causes. Not a major player in any of them.
  • Joseph Papp Papirovsky - producer. Hardcore leftist who admitted to one being a member of the CPUSA in the 1940's. (See the HCUA "Hollywood" and "Los Angeles" hearings for more details).
  • Dr. George D. Pappas - Columbia University
  • Ava Helen Pauling - peace activist. Wife of longtime identified CPUSA member Linus Pauling and herself a supporter of communist fronts and causes.
  • Linus Pauling - Nobel Laureate, for his work on transitors. Longtime, hardcore identified member of the CPUSA and active supporter of their various fronts and causes. According to footnote 108 in the New Mobe Staff Study, "See testimony of former CPUSA member(and editor) Louis Budenz in hearings on "Tax-Exempt Foundations", Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations", U.S. House of Representatives, 82nd Cong, 2nd Session, December 23, 1952, p. 723. This may not have been the only congressional identification of Pauling as a Party member.
  • Letty Collin Pogrebin - editor. Leftist liberal who would be best called a typical communist dupe.
  • John Quigley - Professor of International Law, Ohio State University. Hardcore leftist professor who has supported several congressionally identified CPUSA legal fronts.
  • John Randolph - actor. He became, in the late 1970s and 80's, the top Hollywood activist for the CPUSA, of which he was a longtime identified member and open supporter. His wife was identified CPUSA member Sarah Cunningham.
  • Saunders Redding - writer
  • Ramona Ripston - So. Cal. ACLU American Civil Liberties Union. Hardcore communist groups and fronts supporters, esp. in their fight against the FBI. Married to former CPUSA member Hank DiSuvero, who shifted to supporting Maoism later on.
  • John W. Roberts - Mass. ACLU.
  • Miriam Schneir - writer. Hardcore leftist who wrote books and articles proclaiming the innocence of the Rosenbergs.
  • Walter Schneir - writer. Same as above
  • Dr. Howard Schomer - United Church Board for World Ministries, Council of Churches National Council of Churches (NCC). Has a long record of supporting communist fronts and causes.
  • Pete Seeger - folksinger. One of the CPUSA's longest members/supporters in the music industry. See his pages at KW for the full details of his CPUSA/fronts activities, as well as his support for other Marxist groups including the Guardian newspaper.
  • Martin Sheen - actor - Far-left supporter of various Marxist/communist fronts and causes, esp. regarding Latin America CISPES, MAESPeople to People. One source is the book "The Revolution Lobby",Allan C. Brownfeld and J. Michael Waller, Council for Inter-American Security (CIS) and the Inter-American Security Educational Institute, Wash. DC., 1985.
  • Paul R. Soglin - Mayor, Madison, Wisconsin. avowed Marxist activist
  • Raphael Soyer - artist. Longtime supporter of the CPUSA. Among their top five supporters in the painting/drawing world. (Hugo Gellert, Rockwell Kent - id. CPUSA, etc).
  • Jack D. Spiegel - Organizational Director, [United Shoe Workers of America]] (AFL-CIO). A longtime key covert CPUSA labor leader since at least 1939, according to FBI files found at the National Archives. Also a co-director of the CPUSA-controlled Chicago Peace Council, a delegate to the Soviet/KGB peace front, the "World Peace Council (1977-1980 membership list), and one of the CP's top labor leaders in the various "Hanoi Lobby" "Mobes" organizations.
  • Dr. Benjamin Spock - pediatrician & author. Author of a liberal-left book on raising babies. Became openly active in opposing the Vietnam war, supporting various communist factions fronts and causes. Then became a presidential candidate for the Marxist People's Party in the late 1970's, along with DC Marxist Julius Hobson.
  • Gloria Steinem - editor. Once a Playboy bunny and CIA asset, Steinem became a leader of the feminist movement in the 1970's and has remained in that position. She has supported various communist/Marxist fronts and causes, more as a radical liberal chic person than a committed Marxist. Another perfect dupe for the Left.
  • Leon Sverdlove - General President, International Jewelry Workers Union. Hardcore Marxist and CPUSA sympathizer. His name shows up in the Appendix IX "Index" book for pages 484, 617 & 1779, meaning that he was active in CPUSA fronts and causes at least as late as 1944, but apparently much earlier. He was listed, on Page 108 of the "Trial By Treason" HCUA report, Aug. 25, 1956, as being a supporter of a clemency movement for the Rosenbergs, sponsored by the CPUSA's labor front, "The National Labor Committee for Clemency for the Rosenbergs", "an auxiliary of the National Rosenberg Committee" (p. 107).
  • Herbert W. Titus - University of Oregon Law School
  • Lily Tomlin - entertainer
  • Rip Torn - actor. Hardcore leftist and supporter of CPUSA fronts and causes in the past. He was a supporter of the Cuban DGI/Socialist Party of Puerto Rico/SDS remnants propaganda operation known as EXPOCUBA, 20th Anniversary, a festival of revolutionary change, July 26-29, 1976, NYC, sponsored by the Committee for the 20/26. See: "The Theory and Practice of Communism, Part 3 (EXPOCUBA)", hearings House Internal Security Committee (HISC), Oct. 17 & 18, 1973.
  • Harold C. Urey - Nobel Laureate. Urey has long been described as one of our weakest security links in the atomic/nuclear program and has sponsored/supported some CPUSA fronts and causes, including the "National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell" (pp.31-34, 36, 41, 123, 127 & 132), HCUA report "Trial By Treason", Part 2, 8/25/56.
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. - writer. Far leftist who has supported various communist/Marxist fronts and causes.
  • George and Ruth Wald - Harvard University - Prof. Wald is one of the top academic supporters of the Hanoi Lobby, the Anti-Defense Lobby, and many communist/Marxist fronts and causes. Went to Hanoi in 1972 in support of their war against So. Vietnam and the U.S. His wife Ruth is almost as radical and her name appears on some far-left ads and notices.
  • Eli Wallach - actor - Hardcore identified CPUSA member from the 1940's. His wife Anne Jackson was also a hardcore leftist.
  • Doron Weinberg - President, National Lawyers Guild (NLG). A hardcore communist sympathizer and supporter of CPUSA legal fronts and causes including the NLG, CCR, and the NECLC).
  • Frank Wilkinson - National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL}. Longtime identified CPUSA agent including being one of the heads of their security program along with Frank Donner. A convicted felon, he has headed every major CPUSA front organization from the National Committee to Abolish HUAC, to its successors, The National Committee to Abolish HISC and NCARL.
  • Jim Williams - Co-editor, Labor Today, a CPUSA-dominated publication.
  • H. W. Wilson - Princeton University - hardcore leftist historian/professor
  • William Wolf - critic
  • Francis D. Wormuth - Professor of Government, University of Utah
  • Hon. Bruce McM. Wright - attorney (and later judge in New York City known as "cut-em loose Bruce" for letting criminals get out on an easy bond or light sentence. He was among the "whitey haters" in the legal profession among judges, the other being identified CPUSA member Judge George J. Crockett, Jr., later a member of Congress. Wright supported CPUSA fronts and causes for a number of years.
  • Howard Zinn - Boston University - a covert member of the CPUSA, Zinn's true identity was only discovered in the early 2000's by a FOIA request of his FBI records. Zinn had been a communist for at least 50-60 years, and supported by the CPUSA and the SWP, their fronts and causes, as well as the Castro Lobby and Marxist terrorist/guerrilla movement groups for El Salvador and Nicaragua, among others. Visited Hanoi in support of their wars in Indochina as well as acting as a "POW escort" for Americans held in Hanoi, 1968 (and 1972). He was also on the "Honoring Committee" for identified Soviet KGB agent "Wilfred Burchett", for the reception held on Nov. 12, 1977 in Los Angeles, headed by Jane Fonda, Len Weinglass and Ossie Davis (Flier for this event was published in the monograph "Soviet Agents of Influence", Herbert Romerstein, Center for Intelligence Studies, Intelligence Issues Series 3, in the early 1990's. Much more on this and another fundraiser for Burchett can be found as his KW pages. Zinn was also listed as a member of the "Initiating Sponsors" for the CPUSA front, AKFIC for their almost full page ad "Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos - AND Korea Again?", NYT, Feb. 25, 1971.

"This advertisement has been sponsored by the following people and many others throughout the United States and Canada":

Additional Signatories:

More Signatories:

Bloom was also a close friend of another identified CPUSA member and electronics expert, Alfred Henley. Together they both visited, nearly simultaneously, during WW2, the Emerson Radio Laboratory in NJ where classified work on the atomic bomb project was being done. Collectively, these people are now suspected by an internal security specialist/researcher of being part of an unidentified Soviet spy ring during WW2, based in the National Bureau of Standards (where Casey Gurewitz worked at least as early at 1937/38, according to intelligence records found at the National Archives. This could potentially be one of the never-discovered Soviet spy rings that the late FBI undercover agent Herb Philbrick of "I Led Three Lives fame, told some of his closet friends, as well as government investigators as early as the late 1940's.

And More Signatories:

Last item was a clip-out coupon for making donations to the Committee, which said: "Join in our demand for this crucial inquiry. Open the files - let the truth come out! 22nd Annual Memorial for Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, Thursday, June 19, 8:00 PM, Ethical Culture Society, 2 West 64th St. (64th & CPW) New York. Call 212-265-0918 for ticket information.

  • I am enclosing__$100__$50__$25__$10__Other to defray the costs of this ad and to help

place similar ads in other papers.

  • I am writing Attorney General Edward Levi and my Congresspeople to urge the opening of

All the Rosenberg files.

  • I am interested in more information about your organization.

Name ___ Address__State/Zip__ National Committee to Re-Open the Rosenberg Case, 250 West 57th St., Room 606, New York, New York, 10019 (212) 265-0918, Margery Rosenthal, Director



  1. "Trial By Treason: The National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell", House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA), August 25, 1956, House Doc. No. 206, 85th Congress, 1st Session
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