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Ronnie Riots

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Tampa Bay SDS

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society public Facebook group funtioned from circa 2010 to 2015. Members included Ronnie Riots.

Tampa Bay SDS

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society December 3, 2015:


A few of the members of Tampa SDS, flyered and had a banner drop in support of #AffirmativeAction — with Ronnie Riots, Elizabeth A'ya, Gage Lacharite and Danya Zituni.

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society October 21, 2015:

Members of Tampa SDS disrupted a predatory CIA recruitment that just happened in the Marshall Student Center, chanting: "Coups and spies, dictators too! CIA shame on you! / CIA CIA, how many have you killed today?"


Six members were held back and ridiculously threatened with suspension, but now are out and about. — with Ronnie Riots, Irving Evans, Matt Schott, Jack Ling, Danya Zituni, Elizabeth A'ya and Ashley Evans.



Danya Zituni is a leader of Students for a Democratic Society. She works with comrades such as Katherine Draken, Ronnie Riots, Regina Joseph, Jared Austin, Matt Schott, Sam Beutler and Jerry Evans.