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Rodolfo Cortes



Rodolfo Cortes supports the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Education protest

Kenneth Mejia January 22, 2019·

When front line activists of youth, students, workers, parents, teachers, Union members, people of color, immigrants, had enough of the Neoliberal bs we see in our school boards, cities, states, and country where they cater to the privatizers/the rich, we fight back and show up.

Surprise visit to LAUSD Board President, Monica Garcia's, home tonight. She thinks she can go to sleep soundly while teachers worry about waking up with no job due to privatization, large class sizes making it difficult to teach, playing the roles of nurses, psychologists, counselors, and more, and never getting a fair raise to keep up with the costs of living. Well guess what Monica, we're not backing down! We'll be back and we'll be bigger.


With Victor Juan Verdin, Be Luck, Ana Antuna, Kat Ramos, Dario Rene Hayes, Sage James, Angelina LittleBear, Maria Estrada, Alia Yusuf, Fernando Ramirez, Mel Tillekeratne, Rodolfo Cortes.