Rockford, Ill. Workers World Party

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Rockford, Ill. Workers World Party is an Illinois affiliate of Workers World Party.

Midwest Conference builds socialism: Power to the people!

Revolutionaries from throughout the Midwest and beyond mobilized to build and attend the fightback conference, “Resistance Against Racism and Capitalism: The Struggle for Socialism.” The Detroit branch of Workers World Party and the Wayne State University branch of Students for a Democratic Society co-hosted the event March 25-26, 2017.

Attendees included Zach Gevelinger, a Workers World Party candidate from southwestern Wisconsin and a member of the Rockford, Ill., branch of WWP, wants to intensify that resistance: “I’m attending the Midwest Conference because it is necessary to consolidate our forces against a growing racist, sexist, capitalist, bigoted enemy represented by Trump’s administration..[1]