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Robin Hahnel is a radical economist and political activist. He is Professor Emeritus at American University in Washington, D.C. where he taught in the Department of Economics from 1976 – 2008. He has also taught at the University of Maryland at College Park, the Catholic University in Lima, Peru, and most recently at Lewis and Clark College and Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. His work in economic theory is informed by the work of Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Polanyi, Pierro Straffa, and Joan Robinson among others. He is best known as co-creator, along with Michael Albert, of a radical alternative to capitalism known as participatory economics, (or parecon for short).

Politically he considers himself a proud product of the New Left and is sympathetic to libertarian socialism. He has been active in many social movements and organizations over forty years, beginning with the Harvard and MIT SDS chapters and the Boston area anti-Vietnam war movement in the 1960s, more recently with the Southern Maryland Greensa local chapter of the Maryland Green Party, and the Green Party of the United States; and the Movement for Global Justice in Washington, D.C., and currently with Jobs with Justice and the Coalition for a Livable Future where he now lives in Portland, Oregon.[1]

Personal Information

  • Full Name: Robin Eric Hahnel
  • Professor Emeritus, American University, Washington DC Visiting Scholar
  • Center for Sustainable Processes and Practices, Portland State University, Portland Oregon


  • Ph.D. American University, Washington D.C., May 1979,
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Economics B.A. Harvard University, Cambridge MA, June 1968,
  • Major: Economics Employment History Instructor of Mathematics, The Catholic University of Panama, Panama City, Panama, 1968-69.
  • Research Assistant, Harvard Project in Quantitative Research, Department of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, 1970-72. *Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, American University, Washington DC, 1973-74.
  • Instructor, Department of Economics, University of Maryland at College Park MD, 1974-76.
  • Instructor, Department of Economics, American University, Washington DC, 1976-79.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, American University, 1979-83.
  • Senior Economist, Econometric Research, Inc., Washington DC, 1981-82.
  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, American University, 1983-90.
  • Fulbright Senior Lecturer, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Lima, Peru, 1985.
  • Senior Visiting Economist, Banco Central de Reserva, Lima, Peru, 1986.
  • Full Professor, Department of Economics, American University, 1991 - 2008.
  • Senior Visiting Economist, Junta Central de Planificacion (JUCEPLAN) and Universidad de Habana, Cuba, June - August 1991.
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Manchester, Manchester England, spring 2000.
  • Senior Visiting Scholar, James Madison University Visiting Scholars Program, spring 2004.
  • Distinguished Visitor, Centro Internacional Miranda (CIM), Caracas, Venezuela, 2006-07.
  • Visiting Professor, Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon, 2007–08.
  • Professor Emeritus, American University, Washington DC, August 2008.

Honors and Awards

Publications Books

Parecon robin hahnel.jpg

Turkish language edition published in 1994 as Gelecege Bakmak, by Ayrinti Yayinlari Press. 299 p.

  • The Political Economy of Participatory Economics, with Michael Albert, Princeton University Press, 1991. 132 p.
  • Panic Rules! Everything You Need to Know About the Global Economy, South End Press, 1999. 125 p.

French language edition published in 2001 as La Panique: La Panique Aux Commandes, by Agone Editeur (Marseille) and Comeau & Nadeau Editeurs (Montreal). 168 p.

  • The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach, Pluto Press, November 2002. 304 p.

Turkish language edition published in 2004 as Siyasal iktisadin ABC'si, by Ayrinti Yayinlari Press. 391 p.

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Turkish language edition published in 2006 as Iktisadi Adalet ve Demokrasi: Rekabetten Isbirligine, by Ayriniti Yayinlari Press. 444 p. Italian language edition forthcoming, 2009.

Book Chapters

  • “A Ticket to Ride: New Locations on the Class Map,” with Michael Albert in Between Labor and Capital, John Walker, editor, South End Press, 1979. 27 p.
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Left Forum

Mike Menser, Robin Hahnel, Frances Fox Piven and James Tracy, Community Housing Organizing Project, San Francisco Community were speakers on the What Are Non-reformist Reforms Today? panel at the Left Forum. The forum was held March 9 - 11, 2007 at Cooper Union College, New York City.[2]

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