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Robert Scheer

Template:TOCnestleft Robert Scheer (born 1936) is a U.S. journalist and activist. He teaches communications as a professor at the University of Southern California and edits the online magazine Truthdig.

Fair Play for Cuba

In the early 1960s Scheer was involved[1] in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee {FPCC}.

Within six months, the FPCC had 7000 members in 27 "adult chapters" and 40 student councils on various college campuses with emerging student leaders such as Saul Landau and Robert Scheer.

County Attorney campaign


Robert Scheer and Willie Brown were involved in Robert Treuhaft's 1966 run the Alameda County District Attorney.

U.S. People’s Anti-Imperialist Delegation

Alex Hing (center) in front of the Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang, North Korea

In 1970, Hing went on a delegation to North Korea and North Vietnam and then China.

China, North Korea, and North Vietnam were all socialist, liberated countries. They were trying to make socialism work. I could go on about why that’s not a model any longer. But it was fascinating that there were people that liberated themselves from U.S. imperialism, and Vietnam was in the process of doing that at great cost. That was a life changing experience.[2]

The U.S. People’s Anti-Imperialist Delegation, spearheaded by Black Panther Party (BPP) leader Eldridge Cleaver and Ramparts editor Robert Scheer, on a two-and-a-half month tour of North Korea, North Vietnam, and China in 1970. This group was “a cross-section of the U.S. radical left” , different in composition, politics, and itinerary from the kinds of peace delegations organized by FOR and WSP. It was made up of four men and seven women, and four members of the group were people of color: Cleaver and Elaine Brown of the BPP, and Asian-American activists Alex Hing and Pat Sumi. [3]

The Nation

In 2009 Robert Scheer was listed as a Contributing editor of The Nation[4].

Stanford Vietnam Day

Stanford Vietnam Day May 17 1965.

Moderators and speakers:


Prof. Sidney Verba, Stanford, Prof. Gordon Craig, Prof. Milorad Drachkovitch; Prof. Leopold Haimson; Mr. Claude Buss, Stanford; John Horner; Prof. Hans Morgenthau; Robert Textor; Stanley Sheinbaum, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; Kenneth Prewitt, Stanford; Rear Admiral Ret. USN Arnold True; Participants: James Aronson, journalist; Dennis Doolin, Stanford; Marshall Windmiller, S.F. State; Robert Bellah, Harvard; Carlton Goodlett, editor; Albert Grosser, Paris; John Mecklin, correspondent; Kenneth Mills, Stanford; Leopold Hamson; Robert Scheer, journalist Ramparts; Anatole Mazour Stanford: Sally Smaller; Robert Tucker, Princeton; Frans Schurmann, U. of C., Berkeley; Robert Mong; Lincoln Moses; Erik Erikson, Harvard; General Lewis J. West; George Solomon, Stanford; Albert Guerard; John Horner, Director, Public Affairs Bureau, State Department.[5]



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