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Rob Miller

Cuba Solidarity at Labour Party Conference

Cuba Solidarity Campaign Monday, 4 October 2021.

After eighteen months and twenty online public meetings CSC was delighted to participate in and host our first face-to-face public meetings, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in September.

At the Labour Party Conference in Brighton we were invited to speak at ‘The World Transformed’, the Young Labour rally, as well as organising a fringe meeting as part of the main conference fringe programme.

CSC’s conference exhibition stall was extremely busy all week. Several MPs had their photographs taken with our ‘End the US blockade, 60 years too long’ poster, and it was great to see many existing CSC members visit to say hello and give their support, as well as Labour Party delegates who came to ask questions, buy gifts and join. More than 20 new members were recruited during the week.

On Saturday 25 September, CSC’s Natasha Hickman spoke at two events. Joining speakers from Colombia, Brazil, and Bolivia at The World Transformed Festival running concurrently with the Labour Party Conference, she contrasted the lack of mainstream media coverage for the mass demonstrations against imperialism and right-wing governments that had been taking place in these countries for many months compared to the way that the same media had responded to localised and much smaller events in Cuba. The meeting, ‘Latin America Rising: Imperialism, Resistance and Solidarity,’ hosted by Alborada attracted more than 100 people. Later the same evening, Natasha told a crowd of 200 at the Young Labour Rally that there was nothing controversial about standing up against the US blockade whose aim was to starve the Cuban people into submission. Other speakers at the rally included MPs Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burgon and Zarah Sultana.

On Monday 27 September a further 150 people listened to Cuban Ambassador Barbara Montalvo Alvarez speak at her first fringe meeting since arriving in the UK in March 2020. CSC’s meeting ‘Solidarity and resistance: Cuba’s fight against COVID and the US blockade’, was sponsored by Unite the Union, and chaired by the union’s Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner.

Grahame Morris MP told the audience about the measures taken both in and out of parliament by MPs to pressure the Biden administration to reverse sanctions imposed by Trump including allowing Cuban Americans to send family remittances to the island.

Labour NEC youth representative and junior doctor Lara McNeill shared her first-hand experience of training as a doctor in Havana and told the audience what it was like to work in Cuba’s world class healthcare system. She compared the cost of training to become a doctor in the UK and the debts students would rack up here with Cuba where medical training is free and as a result doctors came from much more diverse backgrounds than in Britain.

CSC Director Rob Miller closed the meeting with a call for solidarity given the current difficulties the island faced. “Cuba has given so much to the world, it is time for us to give something back” he said.

Labour MPs Mick Whitley, Navendu Mishra, Paula Barker, Rachel Hopkins, Kim Johnson and Sinn Fein’s Chris Hazzard and Mickey Brady attended the meeting and expressed their ongoing support.[1]

Virtual event of solidarity with Cuba

London, 13 September 2021- The Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Barbara Montalvo Alvarez, participated this Monday in a virtual event of solidarity with Cuba, in the context of the 153rd British Trade Union Congress (TUC), which is taking place from 12 to 14 September.

During her speech, the Cuban diplomat reiterated her deep gratitude to the TUC and the British trade unions for their support and solidarity with the Cuban people and workers, especially during the pandemic.

During the meeting, a message was delivered by the Secretary General of the CTC (Cuban Workers Central, by its Spanish initials), Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, who addressed the impact of the global pandemic on the world of work. He added that in the case of Cuba, they have also had to face the effects of the tightening of the blockade, as well as the media manipulation campaign financed by the US government calling for civil unrest and acts of vandalism against the national economic infrastructure.

Niurka Gonzalez Obera, General Secretary of the National Union of Education, Science and Sports Workers of Cuba, and Santiago Badía González, General Secretary of the National Union of Health Workers, reaffirmed their solidarity with their British counterpart unions.

Also speaking at the event were Navendu Mishra (Labour), Member of the British Parliament; Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union (NEU); Dave Ward, General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU); Mariela Kohon, Senior International Officer of the TUC; Tony Woodhouse, Chair of the Unite Executive Committee; Zita Holbourne, Vice President of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS); Diana Holland and Rob Miller, Chair and Director respectively of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.[2]

Viva La Educacion


Daniel Kebede NEU, Isadora Enriquez O'Farrill Cuban teacher, Rob Miller Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Dawn Taylor NEU.

Communist connection


Bob Sproule with Rob Miller Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Diplomatic Zoom


Ambassador Barbara Montalvo Alvarez Cuban Ambassador to Britain, Rob Miller, Salim Lamrani, Paula Barker MP, Ambassador Pedro Pedroso Cuban Ambassador to UN.

Friends of Cuba


Bernard Regan, Teresita Vicente, Frances O'Grady, Rob Miller.

Cuba article in Challenge

Rob Miller of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign contributed an article to the Young Communist League of Britain's 2009 Challenge issue focusing on Cuba. "What does the future hold?".[3]

Midlands Communist University

May 27 2007: