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Rise and Resist (RAR) is a 501c(4) non-profit group[1] formed because they were "astounded by the results of the 2016 presidential election" and therefore, "aim to oust the Trump administration, fight for equality, and collaborate on a wide variety of social justice issues."

Many of Rise and Resist's members are also members of Gays Against Guns[2] and is based in New York City, New York.

Protesting WalkAway Event

Rise and Resist signed an open letter[3] to The LGBT Center in New York City dated March 21 2019 demanding that they "cancel" a "#WalkAway" event scheduled for March 28th "immediately."


"The Center must not cede an inch of space to those who question the validity of trans and non-binary identities, peddle in Islamophobic conspiracy theories, or stoke the fires of anti-Blackness. At a time when right-wing attacks on all our communities are on the rise both in the halls of power and in the streets, facilitating this event endangers the very people The Center claims to serve, and disrespects the lives and legacies of LGBTQIATS+ people throughout history that struggled and died for our right to live with dignity. The Center should not allow its legitimacy as an institution be cynically co-opted by a group that shares none of its principles or goals.
"Please see the link below for detailed documentation of their transphobic, Islamophobic, anti-feminist, and racist hate speech. Recent history from Christchurch to Charlottesville shows that giving a platform to such peddlers of hate empowers self-described white supremacists, sexists, transphobes, and homophobes, and encourages them to escalate their activity from hateful speech to physical violence against our communities."


Protesting ICE on July 4 2018

Rise and Resist members, including Jay W. Walker, protesting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on July 4 2018

On July 4 2018, Rise and Resist members protested Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Statue of Liberty. One of the Rise and Resist members, Patricia Okoumou climbed the Statue of Liberty, which led to quite a bit of positive mainstream media coverage. For example, Joy Reid of MSNBC interviewed Patricia Okoumou and Jay W. Walker, members of Rise and Resist. MSNBC did not mention Jay W. Walker's association with the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Protest President Trump

In May 2018, Rise and Resist member Jay W. Walker took part in a protest against President Trump.[4] Other protesters interviewed were Wrolf Courtney, who "helped organize the protest with the group Rise and Resist," Philip Shubin and Betsy Malcolm.

Rallies for a 'Blue Wave'

In April 2018, Rise and Resist hosted a string of rallies for a "blue wave," meaning their hope for democrats to win elections in November 2018:

Here are the candidates they supported: Zellnor Myrie, Jessica Ramos, Alessandra Biaggi, Jasmine Robinson, Rachel May, Robert Jackson.[5]

"Sen. Jeff Klein is Smeagol from Lord of The Rings"

IDC Diaries December 24, 2017:

Sen. Jeff Klein is Smeagol from Lord of The Rings.

No one could have said it better of the role IDC Boss Sen. Jeff Klein plays in the twisted web of New York Senate politics. Fortunately, for the anti-IDC movement, Prof. Zephyr Teachout has been a forceful voice in helping understand the mechanics of how the #TrumpDemocrats align with Republican-control of New York’s Senate and what they get in return.

I can tell you that during the TownHall’s Q and A, I asked whether Prof. Teachout was considering running for the 2018 governors race. She didn’t say a word, but the packed room went boinkers for some loud moments of excitement. I mean the crown went nuts for some moments. Please share widely!


NYCD16 Indivisible, No IDC Rise and Resist True Blue NY Empire State Indivisible Alliance for Quality Education of New York Working Families Party Zephyr Teachout Lewis Kaminski Black Lives Matter of Greater New York — with Tiffany Wheatland, Michael Beltzer, Samelys Lopez, Danielle Brecker, Andrew Jacobs, Becca Lish, Sola Adenekan, Shannon Stagman, Andrew Mutnick, Susan LK, Joseph Sellman, Christiaan James Perez, Lisa DellAquila, Shannon S. O'Hara, Claire Ullman, Tammy Osherov, Honor Mosher, Leyla Martinez, Jill Greenberg and Philippe-Edner Apostol-Marius.

'Birddogging for Single Payer' with DSA

In April 2018, Rise and Resist teamed with the Democratic Socialists of America, Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) - NY Metro Chapter and Housing Works Inc. for "birddogging" training "in the movement to win single-payer."[6]

From the invitation:

"Our friends at Housing Works have offered to train us in the art of “birddogging."" Please come join us in this free training for friends and allies of single-payer healthcare.
"“Birddogging” is the activist tactic of putting a policymaker or power-broker on the spot, in public, and hopefully on camera, with inescapable, bulletproof questions. This form of simple, direct advocacy, when applied consistently, is amazingly effective — and yet, astonishingly rare. Birddoggers played a leading role in AIDS activism, halting the ACA repeal, and bottling up a lot of the Trump Administration’s legislative agenda. In this election year, birddogging is one way we can win the policies we need!
"Experienced trainers and organizers from Housing Works, the nation’s largest community-based AIDS service and activist organization, have set up a nationwide network of people in 80+ cities and 40+ states who are linked up, trained up, and challenging their Members of Congress and other elected officials in the districts and in DC for high-profile national-level direct actions. And when our elected officials are refusing to hold public meetings, this team helps us develop strategies to make our politicians respond to community needs.
"Come learn how to birddog and let's talk about how to use birddogging in the movement to win single-payer!"


According to Facebook, the attendees were as follows:

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training with DSA

Rise and Resist teamed with the Democratic Socialists of America in March 2018 for "Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training" held at New York University's Vanderbilt Hall.[7]


According to Facebook, the attendees were as follows:

Meeting with Tereza Lee

Rise and Resist Meeting with guest Original Dreamer Tereza Lee

Rise and Resist held a meeting with guest "Original Dreamer" Tereza Lee in March 2018.[8]