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Richard Johnson

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

In 2008 Richard Johnson, retiree, Twu Local 100, Hempstead, NY signed a statement circulated by the Partisan Defense Committee calling for the release of convicted “cop-killer” Mumia Abu-Jamal.[1]

Business and Professional People for the Public Interest

In 2008, Richard Johnson was listed as a sponsor/financial contributor to the Chicago based Business and Professional People for the Public Interest.[2]

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of April, 27 2018 included Richard Johnson.[3]

Southern Illinois DSA Public Group

Members of the Southern Illinois Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, accessed April 23, 2018, included Richard Johnson .[4]

Birthday comrades

Chelsea Boilard May 12, 2016 ·


With Nancy Pili, Julieta Murga Kusnir, Sophia Simon-Ortiz, Jade Rivera, Patricia Barraza, Jane Martin, David Norris, Mia Paraiso, Renee Strain, Pina Canaveral, Kimberly Dorthea, Frances Hsieh, Rosario Cervantes, Neva Walker, Kevin Hickey, Kevine Boggess, Marissa Bloom, Richard Johnson, Mei-ying Williams and Don Misumi in San Francisco, California.