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Template:TOCnestleft Richard Croxdale is the partner of Glenn Scott. He is a Professor of Economics at Austin Community College, and a member of Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

Austin DSA newsletter

In 1982 Noticias (Austin Democratic Socialists of America newsletter) production staff were Richard Croxdale, Kevin Batt, Walter Skinner, Gary Jordan, Carol Nash, Anne Archer, Jim Ratcliff, Scott Van Osdol, Glenn Scott, Gary Kline, Paul Mitchell, Todd Samusson.[2]

Austin Beloved Community memories

The list of people who contributed memories and experience to the Austin Beloved Community website included Richard Croxdale, People’s History in Texas.

Nitsch campaign

Democratic Left, 01.16.17

According to Austin Democratic Socialists of America members Bridget Tobin, Richard Croxdale, Glenn Scott, and Dale Webb of Austin-based progressive group Left Up To Us.

In a remarkable, unexpected down-ballot election victory in Austin, Texas, DSA member and Sanders campaign activist Julie Ann Nitsch won her runoff for Austin Community College (ACC) Board of Trustees on December 13th.

In the general election on November 8th, Nitsch delivered a strong second place finish with over 34% in a four-way race, while Sosa took just over 40%. With no candidate receiving over 50% of the vote, the race went into a runoff election on December 13th. The 5-week period between these dates gave the Nitsch campaign a renewed path to victory. Our Revolution hosted statewide and out-of-state phone banks to get out the vote for Nitsch, their only endorsed candidate in a runoff.[3]

Left Up To US Closed Facebook group

Members of the Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of August 11, 2017 included Richard Croxdale.[4]



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