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Richard Becker

Richard Becker is a Kentucky activist who ran for State Representative in Kentucky’s 35th District. He lost.

Becker works out of Service Employees International Union/National Conference of Firemen and Oilers Louisville Local 32BJ. He joined DSA circa 2012.

Becker had worked for the Democratic Party but left in 2010 to become an organizer for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union before switching to SEIU/NCFO.

“I have trended leftward ever since I took that first job with AFSCME in early 2011,” he said. “Eventually, I stumbled upon Michael Harrington’s classic text on socialism, looked him up, saw he founded Democratic Socialists of America and joined.

“It was an intellectual journey born out of doing the work of union organizing and seeing the hypocrisies and the contradictions in our economic and political systems.”[1]

First Retreat, November 2019

Empower Kentucky Leadership Network. To be in a room filled with so much talent and passion. Openness to have difficult conversations, and brilliance in finding solutions to heavy issues. A rare treasure to find in this harsh world, which I discovered through the Empower Kentucky Leadership Network, a cohort of 35 Kentuckians committed to building a movement for a just transition and climate justice in our state.

Going into our first weekend retreat in Bowling Green, I expected nothing more than some good conversations while making a few connections along the way – how most meetings usually end up playing out. By the end we created a family, with a new sense of hope, and a new sense of unity. A power spread amongst each of us that escalated our fire in this climate crisis.

The first evening, we gathered in the faculty house on WKU’s campus and enjoyed each other’s presence over dinner. One thing I appreciated was how much we got to know and dive into one another before tackling the many layers of the climate crisis, through simple banter and activities such as story circles. There was a moment of silence dedicated to the native land we were inhabiting, in this case belonged to Shawnee and Eastern Band Cherokee. This was led by fellow member, Tiffany Pyette, who is a leader in the fight to the rights of indigenous people.

We closed the night with a poem, read and wrote, by Mikaela Curry titled “Up from the Grassroots”.

Empower Kentucky Cohort: Tayna Fogle , Corey Dutton, Shawna McCown, Serena Owen, Margaret Ricketts, Richard Becker, Bob Martin, Nikita Perumal , Kathy Williams , Danielle Brown, Trinidad Jackson, Cherlynn Stevenson, Rachel Norton, Mikaela Curry, Fannie Madden-Grider, Alvin Madden-Grider, E.Gail Chandler , Jillian Wallace, Kevin Short , Mason Chamblee, Tona Barkley , Tiffany Pyette , Maria Truitt, Chris Woolery, Kristina Anderson, Berenice Gonzalez , Lisa Abbott , Morgan Mickelson, Byron Barber, Cheyla Cuesta , Anastasia Kaufmann, Vanessa Hall, Kathy Curtis, Shannon Scott, Dayessi Chavez, Jacob Mack-Boll, Elbert Williams.[2]

Action Lines

Jobs with Justice Kentucky Chapter July 19, 2014.

Have you picked up your copy of Action Lines -Summer 2014 edition (our newsletter)?

HINT: you can pick up copies on Monday, July 21st at Smokey's Bean between 7am-5pm!.

  1. SocialJustice — with David O'Brien Suetholz, John Paul Wright, DeeAnn Flaherty, Brent McKim, Barbie Helton, Tia Kurtisnger-Edison, Brian O'Neill, Tammy Berlin, Alicia Hurle, Jackie Floyd, Emma Dill, Lillian Williamson, Will Emmons, Sarah Zarantonello, Michele Hemenway, Shantii Waybrieal, Larry Hovekamp, Sandy Balsley Mayes, Donald Duncan, Jennifer Jewell, Pam Newman, Betty Jean Parsons Johnson, Teresa McGeeney, Becki Winchel, Dave Nothere, Debi Baldwin, Barbara Boyd, Erica Wilen O'Brien, Richard Becker, Robert Smith, SayRah Wilburn-Clark, Thomas Edward Pearce, Sarah Garrett, Netra Edwards, Jaison Ashley Gardner, Harold Embry, Neal Cotton, Eliot Zellers, Voting Rights for Former Felons - Kentucky and Service Workers for Justice.[3]

Appalachian Left

Richard Becker (Kentucky) is a union organizer with SEIU/NCFO and Alex Bradshaw is a labor and social justice activist with Louisville Socialists. Both are connected to Appalachian Left.[4]

Endorsed by Our Revolution

Our Revolution endorses Richard Becker

Our Revolution endorsed Richard Becker, announced on Twitter by David Duhalde.[5]


In 2015 Richard Becker was a Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism member in Louisville and is an organizer with Service Employees International Union (NCFO) in Louisville and serves on the board of the Kentucky Labor Institute.[6]

Internal Facebook page

Members of the Louisville Democratic Socialists of America Internal Facebook page, as of April 2017, included Richard Becker.[7]

Standing for State Rep.


Democratic Socialists of America - Louisville. December 20, 2017 at 9:30am.

Louisville DSA is excited to announce we are endorsing Richard Becker for State Representative in Kentucky’s 35th District. Richard is a union organizer who has fought for working people as a member of Kentucky Jobs with Justice and DSA. We’re proud to stand up for a champion of the working class who is unflinching in their support of progressive causes!


Richard Becker's Donors

Richard Becker posted a list of donors on Facebook:[8]


Richard Becker's Fundraiser

Richard Becker posted a list of people hosting a fundraiser for his campaign on Facebook:[9]

Lost primary


Final push

Democratic Socialists of America - Louisville shared an event. May 15 at 9:20am. ·

This weekend we are making the final push to help DSA members Ryan Fenwick for Mayor and Richard Becker for State Representative win their primary elections next Tuesday, May 22! Please join us for our Weekend of Action on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Fight Back for Human Rights

Carla Wallace January 15, 2018:


Good to be here at Saint Williams Catholic Church with Richard Becker, Pam McMichael and other listening to Emcee Shameka Parrish-Wright lead us in a call to honor the Fight Back for Human Rights. — with [Richard Becker (Kentucky)[Richard Becker]].