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The Revolutionary Workers League (RWL) was formed in January 1974 from Marxist-Leninist elements active in the Youth Organization for Black Unity a nationwide student/youth organization, the Malcolm X Liberation University in Durham, North Carolina, Abdul Alkalimat’s People’s College, and the African Liberation Support Committee. At its birth, it was the largest black Marxist organization in the New Communist Movement.

While continuing to organize around support for African liberation movements and struggles in Black communities, in the period 1975-6, the RWL went through a series of internal struggles over its relationship to other new communist movement groups. Some leaders wanted the RWL to orient toward the October League and its party building process. Others favored collaboration with the Revolutionary Union as it moved toward the formation of the Revolutionary Communist Party. But the line that ultimately won out oriented the RWL toward the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization (PRRWO), the Workers Viewpoint Organization (WVO) and the August 29th Movement, who were loosely grouped together as the Revolutionary Wing. However, sharp differences developed within the Wing itself and ultimately, while some cadre left the RWL to join WVO, in 1977, the RWL consolidated organizationally with PRRWO to create the U.S. Leninist Core.