Reihana Mohideen

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Reihana Mohideen

Reihana Mohideen is an Australian/Philippines activist.

Socialist Scholars Conference

The Socialist Scholars Conference, held at Melbourne University High on July 18-21, 1991, around the theme of Ecology, Socialism and Human Survival, was a resounding success according to both organisers and participants. The second such conference to be held in Australia, it attracted around 800 activists and academics from around the country.

The conference closed with a plenary session addressed by a panel of speakers on the subject "Left politics: Where to now?". Including Joe Camilleri from the Rainbow Alliance, Louise Connor from the New Left Party, Ken Peak from the Australian Democrats, Reihana Mohideen from the Democratic Socialist Party and Ted Murphy from the Socialist Left faction of the ALP, this panel provided a forum to develop the presently limited dialogue between the main sections of the organized left in Australia.[1]