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Regina Williams-Preston

Regina Williams-Preston works at South Bend Community School Corporation.

Supporting Honeywell strike

“The workers didn’t crawl back to work, they walked back to work.” This is how Lee Gloster, a Teamster and longtime South Bend labor activist, summed up the outcome of the 10-month lockout that Honeywell International inflicted on UAW members of Local 9 (South Bend, IN) and Local 1508 (Green Island, NY).

The compromise settlement came after months of reduced output, and just 11 days after 150+ Local #9 members and supporters joined in a spirited “Return to Our Roots” solidarity rally held February 11, 2017. UAW Local 5, the other South Bend UAW local (representing Humvee and Mercedes assemblers and, formerly, Studebaker workers), hosted the rally. Organizers, including the UAW #9 officers, chose that date to coincide with the UAW’s 80th anniversary of the Flint, Michigan Sit-down Strike.

In 1937, the militant autoworkers forced GM to recognize their union. At the rally’s conclusion, locked-out workers and supporters drove to the gates at Honeywell to form a mass picket. They boisterously disrupted a line of vans attempting to transport replacement workers out of the plant to their motel rooms (paid for by Honeywell). Picketers chanted, “to hell with Honeywell!” and “one day longer, one day stronger!”

Four staff members representing South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg supported the mass picket (Buttigieg was in Washington DC).

City Councilwoman Regina Williams-Preston, North Central Indiana AFL-CIO President Tony Flora, and Mayor Buttigieg representative Cherri Peate were at the picket line. [1]

Housing Forum - 2nd event by Indivisible2

March 29, 2018 at Radio Station WUBS.


Panelists: Mr. James Mueller, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Ms. Alkenya Aldridge, Ms. Regina Williams-Preston

Moderator: Mr. Nate Levin-Aspenson

Bernie supporters

Kim Saylor July 28, 2016 near Plymouth Meeting, PA:


With Dustin T. White, Geof Benson, Sanam El-Quesny, Christina Persson, Regina Williams-Preston, Katharine Hadow, Elizabeth Merrill Hyde, Tony Flora, Susie Talevski, Greg Phillips, Anand Balar, Patrick Wagner, Krishna Pathak, Zach Adamson, Meli Barber, Jeanne Smith, Carli Stevenson and Sarah Lorene Knowlton.


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